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Run Yourself Silly for a Good Cause with The Rogue Runners!

Walking Dead Cover

Are you a runner (or a walker or anything in between)? Are you a geek (or a nerd or a dork)? Have you a favorite fandom or gaming obsession or fabulous sword collection or anything like that? If you answered YES! to any of those 3 questions, then you NEED to know about this new group, The Rogue Runners. They’ve only just launched and already I’m super excited! So who exactly are they?

The Rogue Runners was created by Carry Crawford, a woman in Jersey (you might remember her from Misty & Carry’s Drunken Reviews for past Shitfests!), who enjoys participating in 5ks and other runs. However, she found that they could get very expensive quickly. For just one person, registration is often $40-60; there are the travel expenses (even if it’s local there may be parking fees or even just food and drink while you’re out for the day); and for smaller runs it’s rare to get a participation medal – most of the time it’s a t-shirt and some other printed gear like pens or keychains. When Carry heard about Virtual Runs – 5ks (or more) that you can do on your own time wherever you are – it seemed to hit all the best parts of what doing an event meant to her. They are less expensive because you don’t have all the overhead of an organized run; you can still donate to a good charity; and you can receive a fun participation medal for being involved. Cool, huh? Honestly, I’d never heard of Virtual Runs till I spoke with Carry (I had to give up running a couple of years ago is probably the reason why but now that my health is better, I’m thinking this is the perfect way to start back up again!).

Still, Carry said, there was an element missing…The one piece that was lacking with the majority of virtual runs Carry found was the subject matter. For instance, a medal with a cartoon-y Santa lounging at the beach just didn’t get her interested. See, Carry (like a lot of people) is into a lot of geeky stuff – Star Wars, Star Trek, Tolkein, comic books – and she had a hard time finding runs that spoke to that side of her. As she said, “I knew there must be other people who would like a participation medal inspired by their favorite movies or shows!” And thus, The Rogue Runners was born – “Virtual Runs for Real Charities with a Side of Geekdom”! This way you can get cool medals for doing something you like or perhaps this will get fans of those subjects interested in getting involved in a virtual run. At the same time, money is being raised for great charities, so a win for everyone!

So what’s up with the charity part? Well, every good turn deserves another, and so for each race held, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to various charities with participants having a choice between two charities for where they want their part of the donation to go. Kickawesome right? Totes. For example, the inaugural race is The Running Dead (yes, indeed it IS The Walking Dead and the medal is wicked mad, ya’ll!) and the two charities you can choose from are NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association – because eating, get it? Ha! And more importantly because eating disorders suck and they wreak havoc and they are WAY too fucking prevalent) AND Puppies Behind Bars (AWWW!!!).

Seriously, could this BE more cool??? I’m already making a list of my favorite TV shows and cult films as well as charities to be taken into consideration, haha. If you have suggestions, holler at The Rogue Runners via Facebook, Twitter or their website (they’d love to hear from you!). And finally here are the deets for The Running Dead, mwhahahahaha:


Join us October 11-17, 2015 in celebration of the return of our favorite zombie show! Walk, jog or run at your own pace for a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon or Full Marathon and imagine gathering supplies, looking for other apocalypse survivors and outrunning the walking dead!

Every participant will receive a one-of-a-kind medal* measuring about 3″ in diameter and including a ribbon to wear proudly, display, or use as a last-resort weapon against the undead! Medal will ship within 30 days after the event has ended on October 17, 2015.

Cost: $25.00

We offer 10% off the registration price for a quantity of 5 or more.

What’s This? Another Issue of Rogue Cinema? For Realsies??

We Love Rogue! (Because that's where Misty writes, hehe). ;)

We Love Rogue! (Because that’s where Misty writes, hehe). 😉

A saint with a serious problem.

A saint with a serious problem.

An interview with Kyle Hytonen - the genius behind "Massacre at Femur Creek"!

An interview with Kyle Hytonen – the genius behind “Massacre at Femur Creek”!

How does a 70 year old gay man find love?

How does a 70 year old gay man find love?

Interview with filmmaker Pascal Payant

Interview with filmmaker Pascal Payant

You NEED to watch this film. Malibu Action Girl to the rescue!!

You NEED to watch this film. Malibu Action Girl to the rescue!!

Can't lie. My absolute favorite of the bunch. We are ALL kickawesome.

Can’t lie. My absolute favorite of the bunch. We are ALL kickawesome.

Missing The Office? (That...that did end, right?) Then try this web series!

Missing The Office? (That…that did end, right?) Then try this web series!

Voodoo Moon

I really, really love Voodoo Moon.  It’s absolutely a guilty pleasure and I’ve watched it, I don’t know how many times by this point.  I don’t know anybody else who has seen it though, unless it’s someone I made watch it, which is unfortunate because for a low-budget indie horror, it’s got a fabulous cast.

Starring Charisma Carpenter, Eric Mabius and featuring Dee Wallace and John Amos, this is the story of a brother (Cole) and sister (Heather) who survived a town massacre when they were kids.  Now, it’s years later and they must return to fight the evil (SPOILER:  It’s Satan!), which caused the massacre.  Since that day, the brother has dedicated his life to fighting evil in all it’s many forms and has garnered a rich knowledge of spiritual knowledge ranging from Christianity to msyticism to voodoo, and has acquired a motley crew of extremely loyal people including bikers, ex-cons, cops and his ex-girlfriend who all show up to help him prepare for what may be his final battle.

Btw, Satan is a total hottie!

Is there anything truly original here?  Nope.  And the story can get a bit convuluted at times since there are soooo many peripheral characters.  Plus the backstory is somewhat confusing because of various backflashes and vague references.  But overall the concept was, I thought, great.  It might just be that I’m partial to good vs. evil stories involving humans and Satan or one of the fallen ones.  I’ve always found that creepier than Leatherface chasing screaming teens.  (I can probably blame my Southern Baptist upbringing for that…)

Now don’t go losing your head!

Then there’s the fact that Cole could only defeat Satan (or Daniel as he’s called here) by using a mixture of religions.  There were some Christian aspects in there, the aforementioned voodoo, Catholicism, some Buddhism, and so on and so forth.

Religion’s not bad, it’s how you use it…And this guy is using it unwisely.

The final thing I loved so much is how some of his friends have these seemingly random supernatural powers themselves.  One woman heals him of injuries and one guy can hear his voice in his head (and then yells out to whomever is standing around, “I’m coming little brother!”)  Oh and Cordy’s all psychic (who saw that coming?).  This totally leads to fun!

Voodoo Moon has a little bit of everything and borders on just this side of cheesy – I highly recommend!


Oh Troma, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…Nobody but you could make a movie as horrific as Zombiegeddon and still leave me dying of laughter.  You truly have the art of bad movie making down to a T.  God bless you, Troma and God bless you, Lloyd Kaufman.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way – any movie that starts out with a fake newscast about how the movie is truly a piece of shit, has got to be worth watching (at least IMHO).  I mean, if they’re willing to tell you up front not to take the time to watch the movie and that people have threatened to kill themselves after watching the movie just to erase the memories – I ask, how can you NOT watch it??  Maybe that’s just me though.  I tend to do the things people warn me against.

Seriously, y’all, you’ve been properly warned.

Alright, now, imagine that you have a video camera and you get all your friends together and say, “Hey!  Let’s improv a whole movie about zombies!”.  Now imagine that your friends are all Paris Hilton.  Welcome to “Zombiegeddon” – the acting skills of Paris Hilton with the homegrown directing, writing and editing skills of Joe Schmo.  (I know, it’s a pretty horrible image, Paris Hilton’s running around and acting all over the place.  I sincerely apologize for putting that in your head).  I think there might have actually been a script for this but there was no need.  None at all.  The entire movie looks entirely improvised, the fight choreography left me on the floor howling with laughter and Lloyd Kaufman?  *sighs*  Once again I say bless you for making an appearance as a janitor with a gimp leg.

But what of plot you say?  Well, there’s not much of one actually, but the basic premise is this:  Satan is making super-zombies and oh, no, what will the world do, won’t somebody do something?? Never fear though because “In every generation, there is a chosen one.  He alone shall stand against the zombies.”  That’s right, guys and gals.  There is a chosen one, a guy with a sacred birthright, who just happens to be a crooked cop.

Yeah, it really just doesn’t get better than this…


He Said/She Said: Buttcrack

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[Rec] He Said/She Said

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[ Rec ]

“Blair Witch Project” may have paved the way, but before “Paranormal Activity” and around the same time as “Cloverfield” was entering the scene, there was another flick that came out utilizing the handheld, documentary style. Few heard of it until the American remake, however.  Guesses, anyone?  Hailing from Spain, [Rec] is a delightfully creepy little flick has just the right amount of chills and gore.  Another zombie film with hidden layers, this movie tackles racism, stereotypes and the breaking down of society when under martial law and it all occurs in a single building.

One night, a young t.v. show host and her crew are filming at a local fire station for her show “While You Sleep”.  Suddenly, in the middle of the night a call comes in and off they go.  They arrive at an apartment building to find reports of screams with everyone concerned an old lady has fallen.  Well, that’s close anyway……When the old lady is found, she’s covered from head to toe in blood, screaming like a banshee and completely unstable.  She’s apparently very hungry too, as she bites a fireman. From there chaos ensues as the tenants of the building and the crew realize they’ve been effectively sealed into the building by the police, with orders to stay where they are and “not panic”.  Um, yeah….banshee lady biting people but don’t panic?  Check…..

The tension steadily and slowly mounts as the occupants of the building realize there’s likely no way out.  People start turning on one another and just plain turning while the whole time, the t.v. host tells Pablo, her cameraman, to keep filming despite orders to cease.

If you’re a fan of the horror genre, this is a wonderfully fun and thrilling ride, so go check it out!  Oh and drop me a line sometime with your favorite horror movies!