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Why Have I Not Been Blogging?

Well, there’s a lot of reasons but this right here is part of the reason I’ve been too busy to blog lately:

I am now hosting Awesome Movie Reviews for ROBB Entertainment!  I’m also working on a few more projects with them (details to be divulged at a later time when legalities have been worked out).  🙂

I was also just cast as Horatio in a local production of “Hamlet” (yes, I know he’s a male but we’re making him a she, lol).

And there’s actually a lot more going on but this is all I can tell you guys for now.  I’m doing my best to get back to a somewhat normal schedule, I really am.  At the least, I’m trying to be around to read and comment more than I have as of late.

Once this series starts, I really hope you guys will check it out and give it a watch.  I’m super excited and super happy and I really think you guys will enjoy the show.  It’s just going to be me doing my thing just on screen. 😉

A thank you to all my new followers and a HUGE thank you to all my older followers who have been sticking around while I’ve been awhol.  It’s greatly appreciated.  You guys are awesome. 🙂

Lammy 2013 Nomination

1 Nomination

So, somehow, in some way, I have been nominated in the Best Horror Blog category in this year’s LAMMY’S.  I honestly have no idea how this happened but I am so honored.  I started this little site purely for fun and also because I was bored and had recently broken up with my boyfriend and was kind of lonely and was going through some pretty intensive therapy and well, life was a little messy to say the least and I needed an outlet and my first attempt at a movie blog wasn’t that great.  But I got the idea for Cinema Schminema and thought I’d invite a couple of friends to maybe check it out and figured it would go the way of The Movie Slayer (my first movie blog), which is to say I figured maybe 10 people total would ever see it.  Yet somehow here we are 345 followers later, several blogathons later, several wacky crossovers later and several friends made later.  So to everyone who helped me get here THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart – you guys are amazing.

I’ve linked the image above to the complete list of final nominees for the 2013 LAMMY’S so be sure to check them all out – there’s several you’ll know and everyone nominated is fabulous.  And if you’re a LAMB, be sure to go VOTE!!  Voting ends April 30th so don’t wait!!

Also speaking of how far Cinema Schminema has come:


I’m a few days late (yep, I missed my own site’s birthday/anniversary.  *sighs*) but my little experiment has now been around for a year.  Hard to believe because the time has FLOWN by.  So again a HUGE thank you to everybody who stops by and reads my silly little reviews about films no one wants to watch (okay, a few people want to watch ;)).  And a special thank you to my very first ever commenter, Eric.  You, sir, ROCK.  🙂

Alright, I’m catching up on interviews and movie watching this weekend – coming soon a review of “The Hit Girl” and an interview with Scream Queen Jessica Cameron so stay tuned!