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Guerrilla Graffiti has Launched!

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Today was the day of the introduction of Guerrilla Graffiti and so far it’s been pretty great with (last time I checked) 700 views!  There’s some great stuff happening here from poetry to lists (which I adore – listmaking makes me happy!) to movie reviews to art to a closer look at the obesity epidemic in felines.  I hope you’ll all check it out and maybe even hit the follow button because there will be new stuff posted all the time, not just once a month or quarterly like other lit mags.

Podcast & Guerrilla Graffiti

Hey guys!  If you missed the Geek Soul Brother podcast the other night, you can still check it out (I mean, if you’re so inclined) HERE.  Although I’m pretty sure I sound like a total spaz, so you know, you don’t have to like rush on over or anything.  😉

Also, I’m excited to announce that I’m now writing and doing photography for Guerrilla Graffiti, a new magazine that launches Tuesday!  🙂  What I’m writing over there is VERRRRYYYYYY different than what I write here (although I will be doing the occasional movie review for them as well) but I’ll be focusing more on women’s issues and social issues especially pertaining to mental disorders and other similar things.  So again, if you feel inclined, check it out!  🙂  All the info is below!

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Guerrilla Graffiti Magazine will be launching this upcoming Tuesday. GG Mag is a collective effort of a dozen plus people all putting their honest selves on the page. The site is primarily a lit mag, hosting mainly poetry and short fiction, but it’s so much more than that. GG Mag will also feature great art pieces, reviews and articles that come straight from honest voices the whole world over. GG Mag will also feature some very original pieces including Ut Pictura Poesia, a comic illustrating the haikus of Sarah Elena Kirchmaier. In addition to that, we also will be posting the occasional satire article, our first one being “Fat Cat: An Expose of the Feline Obesity Epidemic in America,” and even a listmaker. Beyond all this, here at Guerrilla Graffiti, we don’t quite know what we have yet. We want the site to evolve organically as it gains an honest sense of community. We hope you will support our small but strong effort and check it out.