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So I’m having a problem wherein I keep trying to watch movies, ALL the movies, and my heart just isn’t into it.  It’s entirely frustrating.  I have more free time now but every time I turn something on, I just can’t seem to get into it no matter how good (or ludicrous) it may be.  So as a result, I’ve been either catching up on tv shows on Netflix (Walking Dead, Chuck, that Breaking Bad thing people seem to love) or just not watching anything – I’m in a really big reading mood lately (probably because this is honestly the first time I’ve had a chance for reading in like, 6 months and I’m somewhere a step beyond the “avid” reader type so not being able to read has been just devastating.  Yes, that’s melodramatic, I know.  ;)).  So I dunno, maybe I’ll throw some book reviews up on here at some point.  I’m finally reading Doctor Sleep btw – the book I got for my birthday TWO MONTHS ago.  I’ve missed blogging though and missed the interaction so I’m trying to blog and read you guys’ blogs as much as I can.

What else?  Well, filming on my web series is almost complete.  One more day of filming this Sunday and we move into post.  I’ve seen some of the footage and it looks good. 🙂  There’s small things of course – I think I’ll have to make it a game when it comes to continuity errors – we tried our hardest but sometimes trees will have leaves and sometimes they will not… 😉  But it does look good and I hope that it actually IS good and I REALLY hope that you guys enjoy it.  I just started writing Season 2 as well!


Jordan and Tiffany

Other than the web series, I’m about to start work on a short film, something dark and artsy and gritty and a whole 2 minutes long, with one of my favorite directors…and I can’t wait. 🙂  Then in January, we start pre-production on the movie version of our updated Hamlet where I’ll be playing Horatio again.  And I’m waiting to hear back about one more project.  So there’s definitely no lack of work happening here!  I love it. 🙂

And other than that, I’ve been sick – really sick.  Like rushed to the ER one day kind of sick.  I’m okay now, much better, but these issues are going to be ongoing (it’s a combination of a lot of smaller issues – some physical, some more on the emotional health side of things).  I’ve got a team of doctors though and am considering switching out some doctors and yeah, am doing what I can to get back to 100% but it definitely affects blogging and movie watching (may be the reason I’m having trouble watching things as of late).

I HAVE watched a lot of stuff I can’t review, lol.  I watched the newest Star Trek last night and saw the new Thor on Sunday.  Watched Pacific Rim a couple of weeks ago along with This is the End.  So yeah, I’ve actually been mainstreaming it more lately (shhhhh!  Don’t tell!!! ;-p).  Light and fluffy seems to be the way to go at the moment.  Ah, well, I’m sure the conflicting movie emotions will get resolved right?  Probably just similar to writers’ block.

Anyway, for the moment, here’s this month’s Rogue Cinema offerings.  Hopefully you’ll find something you like!



Slow Fade


Behind the Scenes of Episode 1 of “When the Lights Go Out”

Here it is the very first behind the scenes video from the upcoming web series “When the Lights Go Out”, shot and edited by the always brilliant Amanda Diane Theresa Castro-Conroy (you may know her as the woman who did my headshots and most of the other photos you’ve seen on this page.  And if you like what you’ve seen from her, maybe you’d also like to head over to Facebook and give her new photography page a like?  I know she’d really appreciate it!).  I would like to say before you watch that I swear I’m much more intelligent than I seem here and WAYYYY less narcissistic.  Really!!  Most of what I’m saying is a combination of being super tired and mocking myself, lol.  Also when I mention movie bloggers I am talking about YOU, E! *giggles*  I should never, ever be allowed to speak on camera unless I’m acting.  Like EVER.  😉   Anyway, we all from “When the Lights Go Out”  hope you enjoy the sneak peek!  The entire web series is now written and we’re just trying to find the time to finish filming.

I also want to add that I’ll also be posting something else tomorrow…and the next day!  Omg, I finally had time to watch a movie!!!!  Yay!!  So weird, it’s like people think this is a movie review site or something… 😉

Anyway, thanks for watching and for repeatedly coming back by my site, you guys’ support is more appreciated than you will ever know!!

A Little Teaser…

Normally I don’t promote my Facebook page on here other than in the sidebar but the rough draft of the title sequence for “When the Lights Go Out” has been cut and unfortunately I couldn’t embed it here so I shared it on the Cinema Schminema Facebook page so if you’d like to have a look (it’s only 10 seconds long), head on OVER! 🙂

When the Lights Go Out (Behind the Scenes)

We filmed for 9 hours yesterday and got the first episode of “When the Lights Go Out” filmed!  It was a super long day and it was super cold but it was AMAZING.  My cast and crew are simply the best!  Here’s a few pics of behind the scenes and an unedited video.

What are we studying so intently???  You'll have to watch to find out... ;)

What are we studying so intently??? You’ll have to watch to find out… 😉

Director/cinematographer/sound girl/Gal Friday EXTRAORDINAIRE!!

Director/cinematographer/sound girl/Gal Friday EXTRAORDINAIRE!!





"Jordan", "Savvy" and "Tiffany"

“Jordan”, “Savvy” and “Tiffany”

"Harold" and "Tiffany" and the psychic hotline

“Harold” and “Tiffany” and the psychic hotline


When the lights go out 114




Coffee breaks are the BEST

Coffee breaks are the BEST

"Tiffany" recording her video diary.

“Tiffany” recording her video diary.

"Harold" interfering.

“Harold” interfering.

Ghosts are scary, y'all! ;)

Ghosts are scary, y’all! 😉

When the lights go out 053a


Since I didn’t have time yesterday, I’m watching something today and will post it late tonight or tomorrow morning.  Yay, Happy Monday, y’all!






No Review Today!

No review today because I could NOT find any movie I wanted to watch last night.  Not even “Transylmania” was doing it for me.  Weird.  And since I’m still recovering from bronchitis, I am exhausted.  So instead I am going to read as many blog posts as I can before I pass out again.

Big weekend coming up – Sunday we film the first episode of the web series I wrote.  I am superexcited and also kind of terrified, lol.  So worried it won’t work out the way I want it to and it will all be disastrous and then will come the mocking and the tomato throwing and oy…so maybe y’all could send some good vibes my way or something?  It’d be much appreciated!  🙂

Catch y’all on Monday – hope everybody has a fabulous weekend!