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So What’s Been Going On?

So when I have time to breathe, I have a review of Bikini Bandits and Sand Sharks headed your way.  Mike from Mike’s Film Talk also smacked me upside the head with some sort of tag (and it hurt, I might add, so thanks Mike :-p) and I’ve also gotten a nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award from Aurora over at Once Upon a Screen.  Whew.  Plus I am trying to make it to a wicked cool thing on Saturday that would be like my dream come true…oh so much excitement!!!  So posts shall come as quickly as I’m able to get them done.  I’ve just been in the process of moving, unpacking and entering the dating scene again (oy, wish me luck ;)).

Also will be catching up on as many of you guys stuff as possible tomorrow in between work and movie  night with the gang.  Until then……