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Things That Go Bump in the Night

A few creepy images to get you in the Halloween spirit! (All photo rights belong to me so please don’t go heisting!):


And I’ll be back later with some Dream Warriors…

Easy Prey

Imagine a world where you never have to die.  How is that possible, you say?  Why, by hooking up with your local vampire who can turn you in a hot second!

Lucius is old and while he dearly loves his dead wife, he doesn’t love her enough to spend eternity with her.  So he hires Victoria, a vampire, to turn him so he can live forever.  Of course he has to pay her cause you know blood sucking doesn’t come free these days!  Victoria commences with her vampire magic but is interrupted by a call from her momma. Meanwhile, Lucius is seeing himself as a young child again and Victoria as a young girl.   So does our guy become a vampire himself?  Or is Victoria just playing him for a fast buck?

Another short film by Jeremiah Kipp, this one is much less with the experimental (and drool!) and more with the cute and funny.  The kids in this one are tres adorable and the actress playing Victoria is cute in a “I’m a vampire and you’re wasting my time so I’m gonna be whiny about it” kinda way.

Yeah, hi, I’m ready to eat you now. K, thanks.

Favorite line:  Lucius – “How long will it take?”  Victoria – “Well, that all depends on you…..but you’re so old…..”