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7 Below

7belowOh, 7 Below, you were such a disappointment. *sighs*  I mean, I wasn’t exactly expecting too much from a movie I’d never heard of featuring Val Kilmer but still.  How is it possible for one movie to be SOOOO boring??  Especially when you’re supposed to be a horror/mystery/thriller…at least I think that’s what you were attempting to be…

Ooohhh, scary old-fashioned children!!

Ooohhh, scary old-fashioned children!!

K, so we start out with these kidlets and the rest of their family back in old-fashioned times (yes, that’s what I’m calling it now when I can’t remember what the actual year was).  Creepy boy there decides that it’d be super fun to kill his whole fam so he does.  Then we flash forward to the present where there’s a whole bunch of people on a bus going…um…somewhere…maybe a retreat?  Anyway, Val Kilmer is there and he STILL does not look like he did when he played Jim Morrison and was totes a hottie and I think that makes him a little sad sometimes.  But his character is this total jerkface who cheats on his wife.  Then there’s a pair of brothers and a doctor with an accent.  And a girl who works at a gas station who has an accent.  Then there’s Ving Rhames, who when this bus breaks down, shows up and invites them all to his house.  And when they get there he’s like, “Yeah, there’s no phone.  You guys are fucked.” Totes random and weird.

I'm such a douche, la, la, lala!

I’m such a douche, la, la, lala!

Then people start dying or something but it’s really boring so I stopped paying so attention.  And the doctor with the accent is a terrible, terrible actor who basically repeated the same line over and over “I don’t know how this happened!” in a wooden, emotionless voice.  We get it Dr. Accent, no need to repeat yourself 800 times seriously.  I think he was the 2nd to die though so that was good.  And then, I dunno, there was something about the house being a time warp (but not the fun Rocky Horror kind) and everybody on the bus was a reincarnation of the family from old-fashioned times or something and Ving Rhames was the devil.  I think.  It really didn’t make a lot of sense.

Tis a silly movie, no fun whatsoever.  Boo hiss!