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Black Forest


Black Forest is a mostly fun offering from SyFy.  Of course, I’m partial to it because it deals with fairy tales and I think we all know how much of a fan of fairy tales I am.  😉  When tourists visit a European village and agree to observe a pagan ritual in the forest, they become trapped in an alternate fairy tale dimension.  And oh what a fun (mostly) dimension it is.

Our hapless heroes are confronted by a little bit of everything – from the wolf from “Little Red Riding Hood” to a character that essentially passes as Baba Yaga to the seven dwarves from “Snow White” (and those dwarves are MAJOR creepster and MAJOR evil, let me tell you).  See, what happens is our little group goes out to a node inside a fairy ring to do this pagan ritual because apparently no one has ever read a fairy tale or anything relating to the fae EVER and thinks it’s a grand idea to do all this.  Idiots.  Anywho, a fairy shows up and kidnaps the baby from the group (I guess the parents couldn’t get a sitter that night??) and the next thing they know the group is in another land.  Dum dum DUM….

They stumble across an inn where they find a young woman who seems to kinda know her way around the place and how to survive – of course this is after the young, hot nanny gets offed by the 7 dwarves (told you they were evil!) and another guy is grabbed by a huge wolf.

Hi, I'll be your guide for fairy tale land.

Hi, I’ll be your guide for fairy tale land.

What follows is a bunch of mishaps, a bunch of running around trying to figure out how to save the baby and then of course the grand finale in typical SyFy style.  Honestly, for SyFy this one ain’t bad.  It’s biggest downfall is that there are at least two stretches of time where I was just completely bored because it was all repetition and talk and more repetition.  This definitely could’ve been shorter and it was only and hour and a half.  Here’s the closest thing I could find to a trailer:

If you’re into fairy tales, I think you’ll dig this one.  It’s currently streaming on Netflix so check it out!