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The Sunshine Award

Thank you so much to Mike at The Eye-Dancers for nominating my site for a Sunshine Award!  If you haven’t had a chance yet to check out Mike’s site, please take this opportunity to do so.  It’s really cool and if you’re into YA fantasy/sci fi you’ll totally dig it! 🙂    Thanks again Mike!


The Rules:  Post the Sunshine Award image, answer the following 10 questions and note 10 blogs you wish to nominate.

The 10 questions and my answers:

  • Favourite colour: Green, because I look amazing in green.  Purple, because I look amazing in purple.  And blue.  Just cause. 😉
  • Favourite animal:  RED PANDAS!!!  They are the cutest freaking thing in the world.  I am trying to heist one from the Central Park Zoo…um…I mean…*clears throat*
  • Favourite number: 64, which dates back to an inside joke with my bff since the age of 10 which means it’d take approximately 22 years to explain that one. 😉
  • Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Water
  • Facebook or Twitter: I’m not particularly fond of either actually but I work in social media so I’m always on them…they both have their issues but I do like Facebook purely for the ability to post my photography and to see pics of my friends’ kids.
  • My passion:  Acting is my passion, writing is my soul.  I can’t live without either of them – tried and wow, that just did not end well.
  • Favourite pattern: Paisley.  I can rock some paisley, no lie.
  • Favourite day of the week:  Hahahaha, like I ever know what day of the week it is!  That’s hilarious.
  • Favourite flower:

    Not sure what kind they are but THESE are my faves.

    Not sure what kind they are but THESE are my faves.

And my nominees for the Sunshine Award are:

ALL OF YOU!!!!  You know the deal, I nominate you all because you’re all wonderful and if you want to, accept away. 🙂

Thanks again, Mike!  It was an honor and a lot of fun!  🙂