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The Liebster Award Part Deux

So Thomas over at OnTopic Reviews, also nominated me for the Liebster award (thank you, Thomas!!!) so I’ve listed his questions and answers below.  Wednesday over at Deep Red Rum was nominated also (congrats, Wednesday!) and I just thought her questions were fun so I decided to answer them too, lol.  Also I promise to go back to regular reviewing after this!  Thanks for the patience and hopefully you all don’t mind the filler too terribly much.


What is your favorite movie?  I don’t have just one favorite movie but for this question I’m going to go with Reality Bites. This movie is probably the sole reason I made it through my mid to late twenties (which were to understate it, a tumultuous time).  I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve seen this one and it never gets old.

What is your favorite genre of music?  Classic rock.  I have a record player and have a pretty sweet record collection (Doors, Zeppelin, Beatles, Joplin, Hendrix).

How many times do you eat fast food a week or month?  Once a month, every three months or so?  Not a big fast foodie.

Is there any particular type of film you prefer?  Horror.  🙂  But mostly the bad kind.

What is your favorite TV show?  Hmm…not a huge t.v. watcher but I’m really loving “Bunheads” right now.  Also “Smash” and “Once Upon a Time”.  And “True Blood” always (although they’re driving me bonkers this season).

English/literacy or maths?  English/lit!  I’ve been reading since I was three plus I’m pretty horrible at math.  WHY ARE THERE LETTERS IN MATH??? 😉

Chemistry, biology or psychics?  Chemistry.  I actually wasn’t bad at chemistry and I could sit and do electron configurations all day.  Because I am a dork.

What is your favorite magazine?  Fangoria.  They’re pretty excellent with the horror scene and it keeps me up to date on upcoming movies.

Best experience in your life?  Finally going to NYC with my best friend.  We’ve been friends since the age of 10 and all our lives we’ve dreamed of being in the city together (mostly living there, lol).  We’d both been to the city several times separately but never together and last year we finally, finally made it!  We spent the weekend there, got approximately 8 hours of sleep the whole time and covered practically every inch of town.  And we saw “Spiderman: Turn off the Dark”.  Then we met Spiderman out back and he was adorable and then we went around giggling like 12 year olds for the next two hours in Times Square.  It was pretty f’ing amazing.  🙂

Most desired holiday destination?  Prague.  Why?  I have no idea.  But something about Prague speaks to me.

If you could travel back in time to any recorded event, which would it be?  Woodstock.  🙂  I ❤ the 60s!


Why do you think cops in horror movies are always so reluctant to try to catch the killer? I’m watching Edge of the Axe right now and the sheriff is a useless ass, but it seems to be a theme in many horror movies.Because when they catch the killer, the movie is over.  So they have to drag it out by being useless asses who think they can just catch the guy with their killer wit and amazing charm.  Or something like that.

Name a minor horror character you like, preferably one who has almost no bearing on the plot and who seems to be in the film just to entertain in a WTF way.  The troubadour in “Dead and Breakfast”.  Why?  Because he’s a freaking troubadour!  Plus he’s excellent as the Greek chorus, so to speak and he is totally just WTF.

Is there a horror villain you root for? Difficulty: no Freddy Krueger. Ginger from “Ginger Snaps”.  She is one badass werewolf and I consistently want her to be badder.

Who would win in a fight between Christopher Lee as Dracula and Christopher Lee as Frankenstein’s monster?  I haven’t seen Christopher Lee as either so I’m going to go with Dracula because I’m pretty sure he could kick Frankenstein’s ass regardless.

What movie character do you have a crush on?  Freddy Krueger!  He’s my hero.  *sighs*

Is there a horror movie that you think absolutely goes too far? I can’t think of one.  I don’t like gratuitous violence against women but if it’s essential to the plot then while I don’t like it, it’s not necessarily taking it too far.

What is your favorite song from an 80s movie?  I have absolutely NO idea.  I have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to 80s movies and I don’t tend to notice the music in movies unless the song really catches my attention (ex. “Blower’s Daughter” in “Closer”).

What weapon would you want most in a zombie siege?  Sword.  I’ve never shot a gun and a broadsword would work well for chopping off heads whilst keeping me (hopefully) out of arm’s reach.

What movie’s ending would you rewrite?  I think there are probably hundreds I’d love to rewrite but I’ll go with “I’m Not Jesus Mommy”.  Actually, I’d just rewrite that whole thing…

What is your favorite moment in which a movie totally rips off another movie?   Wow.  I have no idea.  I can think of a movie that rips off another movie that I don’t like but that’s all I can think of at this moment…I may have to revisit this.

What movie did you learn the most from, and what did you learn? Either a serious answer or a facetious one will do.   Well, I learned from “Nightmare on Elm Street” that I should never sleep again and I haven’t!  😉  I really don’t know.  I tend to pick up a lesson from almost everything I watch (hence why I’m writing a book about it)…This is another hard question…

Shark Night

We continue “Creature Feature” week here on Cinema Schminema with the “far-superior to 2-Headed Shark Attack but still not wonderful” Shark Night.  Shakespeare it’s not but “Shark Night” fares better in my book by merely having a plot and no 20 minute shots of girls in bikinis (although never fear, there are the requisite girls in bikinis for viewing pleasure but they’re pleasantly interspersed throughout).

A gang of college pals decides to head up to their friend’s lake house for some much needed fun in the sun.  Sara, the girl whose parents own the lake house, is quiet and reserved and Nick has a wicked crush on her.  The rest of the group consists of an almost unrecognizable Katherine McPhee (at least for me.  After “Smash”, I had to double check online to make sure this was actually her because her character of Karen on the hit or maybe not a hit musical t.v. show is such a sweet little wimp most of the time that her character here was a breath of fresh air.  Anyone else watch “Smash”?  Just me?  Oh wait, I’m completely off topic…..)… yeah, so McPhee, token black guy, token girl of mixed ethnicity and two other dudes.  Of course, as soon as they reach the island they hit trouble in the form of Sara’s ex-boyfriend and his best friend, the token redneck.  Seems island folk don’t take too kindly to edumacated college folk, ya’ll.  Finally, they reach the lake house and the festivities begin with a little water skiing….and then almost immediately there’s a shark attack.  I like the “not too much exposition, let’s get straight to the blood” attitude they took here.  Of course, the first victim is token black guy and he gets his arm ripped off.  He’s still alive and of course Nick is pre-med so they’re able to at least temporarily staunch the blood flow giving him extra screen time.

You took my arm, now I take your life. Revenge is sweet, motherfucker.

What follows is a lot of “Omg, there’s a shark!”  “We’re on a lake!  How could there be a shark??”  “We can’t leave the island because of the shark!!”  “Our cell phones don’t work and we have no way of calling for help!” and shark attack and so on and so forth until….THE BIG TWIST.  It’s huge and it’s epic and it’s sooooooo ridiculous that I almost cried from laughing so hard (here’s a hint – someone’s been watching WAYYY too much t.v.).

Couple of questions – how common is this having a lakehouse on an island and not having any means of communication thing?  Seriously, no radio or anything?  Are lakehouses magically protected from harm most of the time?  And if you knew there was a shark in the water WHY WOULD YOU REPEATEDLY GO IN SAID WATER???  There’s a reason I don’t go in oceans or lakes and that’s because I KNOW something will eat me.  I do not chance fate like that.  Crazy college kids.

Not bad for a shark movie by any means so if you’re itching for some bloody action, give it a whirl.