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There’s a severe lack of snark in this review because honestly the first word that comes to mind after watching the short film, “Crestfallen”, written and produced by Russ Penning and directed by Jeremiah Kipp, is exquisite.  From the main character played by Deneen Melody to the cinematography, “Crestfallen” has a radiance to it all while remaining unsettling.

The film is silent, coupled only with a haunting score by Harry “Friday the 13th” Manfredini.  The story follows a young woman (Melody) as she attempts to take her life.  Told mainly via flashback, we see the devastation wrought upon her as she catches her husband with another woman and sees her daughter taken away from her.  There are several disturbing yet beautiful images throughout and since it’s silent, one is able to form their own opinion about what exactly has transpired.

Melody is achingly vulnerable and the first slice of her wrist is reminiscent of Juliet (“Oh happy dagger, this is thy sheath.”) while the lighting and mood is reminiscent of “The Virgin Suicides”.  Melody does a tremendous job of handling a heavy story with only one bit of minor overacting that had me yell “No!” at the movie.  It only lasts for a millisecond though so I was relieved.

I can’t help but to want to watch more from director, Jeremiah Kipp, and lucky for me I have two more shorts to follow up with!