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Cannibal! The Musical

Fan of South Park?  Fan of Troma?  Then boy, have I got just the thing for you! Cannibal the Musical was created in 1993 by a guy you might’ve heard of, Trey Parker, and produced by his friend Matt Stone and released by Troma, god bless them, in 1996.  The combination of Parker, Stone and Kaufman in one movie was almost too much for this girl to handle…

Originally created as a three minute trailer for a student film class, there was such notice taken that Parker and Stone raised 125k to film this masterpiece.  So sit back and enjoy the story of Alfred Packer who is leading a group of men into Colorado territory to find gold.

Right, guys! It’s time to sing!

This is the story of how Packer and his group battle their way across the snow drenched mountains into Colorado…how they run across an evil trio of trappers who cause them a whole mess a trouble, from stealing Packer’s horse to singing off key about the life of a trapper…this is a story of what happens when this group runs out of food and must resort to cannibalism.

This movie has a little bit of everything – violence, musical numbers,  Japanese speaking Native Americans and in the background of one scene, if you listen closely, you’ll hear Cartman singing a little ditty.  Pure awesomeness.  True, the majority of the acting here isn’t going to win any awards (except maybe a Razzie) and the Wild West and cannibalism might not be your thing (although the cannibalism really is quite light) but this movie is just too fun to not watch.  Plus it’s all done with a song and a dance making this my second favorite Troma film after “Tromeo & Juliet”.