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New He Said/She Said!

Hey guys, since I haven’t had time to post all week I thought I’d put up a new He Said/She Said featuring me and E from theipc.  This time around it’s Bikini Bloodbath Carwash and well, frankly we are mostly in agreement on the pure joy and fun of it all!  So check it out if you’re so inclined!  And hopefully I will be back to posting next week.  Tonight’s the last night of my show and if I can sleep all day tomorrow, I will be most excellent.

He Said/She Said

Today’s He Said/She Said is UP!  You’ve seen my thoughts on “I’m Not Jesus Mommy” so check out what theipc had to say!

He Said/She Said: Buttcrack

Check out today’s He Said/She Said!  It’s all about the crack!

He Said/She Said: Zombie Strippers

Today’s He Said/She Said is all about the stripping zombie!  So which of us loved it and which of us hated it?  Check it out under the He Said/She Said tab to find out!

He Said/She Said – The Hole

Today’s He Said/She Said is up! Check out mine and E.’s takes on “The Hole”!

He Said/She Said – Hobo With a Shotgun

Today’s He Said/She Said is up! Check out my and E from theipc’s opinions on Hobo With a Shogun!

[Rec] He Said/She Said

Check out He Said/She Said for the latest post on [Rec]!