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Red Mist

So yesterday, my chronic pain was acting up which usually leads to a movie fest since I can’t do much else other than rest.  So I re-watched the series “Alice” (2 parter) with Kathy Bates, Tim Curry, Caterina Scorsone and my all time favorite Andrew Lee-Potts (this was on SyFy back in 2009 and originated in Canada).  So why am I bringing up a movie that has nothing to do with what I’m reviewing?  Because Andrew Lee-Potts is in “Alice” as the Mad Hatter (my very favorite Hatter of all time -even beating out Johnny Depp and I’ve been in love with Depp since I saw “Edward Scissorhands”).  But Pottsy’s Hatter is just so charming and I’ve had a teensy little crush on him since I started watching “Primeval”.  *sighs*  Sooo  sexy geek.  And I love love those Brit boys.  *double sighs*   I’m losing the point here…for real…um, oh yes!  So rewatched “Alice” and decided I wanted to watch everything else Pottsy has been in so started imdb’ing up a storm and adding things to my queue and Red Mist was one of the few of his film available on Netflix streaming so I gave it a go.

So how was it you ask?  Ultimately rather boring.  It wasn’t nearly as bad as, oh say, “Pathology” but it was nowhere near anything special.  Potts is both the main character of the movie but also isn’t in it much.  How is that so, you say?? Well, Potts plays a janitor who is kinda creepy to say the least.  He’s obviously troubled as he’s a cutter, stutteringly shy and uses his phone to film everything people are doing (kind of a stalker, this one).  Our main group of medical students that do their rounds at this hospital refer to him as “Freakdog”.  One night, our group goes out to blow off some steam and party hard!  w00t!  They’ve got drugs from the hospital pharmacy and a shite-ton of liquor plus they’re at their friend’s club so everything free!!!!  Freakdog has a crush on one of the girls and heads to her table to ask if he can walk her home.  Of course, he is mocked mercilessly until he lets on that he knows that they have drugs from the hospital and that he has filmed it.

This picture has nothing to do with this review. I’m just here because the missus thinks I’m utterly adorable and charming…

The med students decide that if they ask Freakdog to join in with their party, he won’t be able to tell anyone about the drugs because then he’ll be implicated.  So they load up a funnel with a quarter of a bottle of liquor and a few pills.  (I’m really, really not sure which one’s bright idea that was – loner who’s clearly never partied in his life?  Sure let’s start him out with the “death cocktail”…) Freakdog chugs the mix and within two minutes he starts seizing (partially from the drink and mostly because he’s epileptic and there are strobe lights going).   *Note:  If you’re epileptic, I’d stay away from this movie because there’s a fair amount of strobe lighting going on.*  The kids freak with some wanting to do an emergency trachochtomy and the rest not wanting to get into trouble because their hospital has a zero tolerance policy for drugs.  Finally they compromise by dumping him outside the hospital.  As a result of their bad choices, Freakdog ends up in a coma.


Careful who you make fun of kiddies or they might just come back for a little revenge.

One of the girls feels so guilty that she wants to tell someone what they did but the majority rules against her.  She finds out Freakdog will have the plug pulled on him the next day as he has no relatives to claim him and his insurance has run out.  So she decides to inject him with an experimental drug mix to hopefully pull him out of his coma.  Instead, stuff like the picture above starts happening.  See, what the experimental drug mix actually does is enable Freakdog to, for lack of a better term, astral project himself right into the bodies of others.  Too bad for them because he has this anger problem and he’s out for revenge.  People start killing each other via Freakdog’s interactions and while some of the deaths are gory fun, others are a little boring and it’s only the chick that gave him the drug cocktail that finally realizes what’s happening.  Can she stop him in time to save any of her friends?  Will she be next?  Do we really care??

This one is neither yay nor boo hiss, it’s just kinda eh.  If you like medical horror/thrillers, you might like this.