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I think the people who wrote this sat down with the thought in mind that they were going to write the worst movie ever made.  But not in a fun “worst movie ever made” way but in a “Let’s take ourselves very seriously” worst movie ever made way.  That’s the only explanation I can think of to explain away this atrocity of a “horror” movie.

The story goes something like this (and by that I mean, this is what happened to the best of my deciphering abilities because plot was not a key ingredient here):  There’s a new student at med school who is first shunned and then accepted by the cool clique of pathology students (insert:  My friend in med school informs me that this is ridiculous in and of itself because NO ONE wants to be in pathology.  Anyone care to weigh in on this?).  He gets to be a part of their little group as long as he plays their game wherein they take turns murdering people in complex, hard to detect ways and then guessing how it was done.  Tell me–what student in med school has time to do this??  I’ve known people in med school and they didn’t have time to eat much less go around sneakily killing people.  *sighs*  Anyway, the game gets complicated (because it was SOOOOO easy before), people start turning evil (more evil?) and all ends in catastrophe (even if no one was caught, you all are still going to flunk out of med school because you were too busy to make it to class).  And along the way just for kicks there’s lots of kinky sex (seems corpses, blood and entrails are a HUGE turn on for these people).

The cinematography features darkness, darkness and more darkness just to drive home the point (I suppose) that the movie is “SCARY”.  I disagree but will say this.  
Pathology is totally evil in that “Why isn’t it over yet, why?  Please let it end, please let it end….” kind of way.