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Sacred Flesh

Not only is this sexsploitation but it’s nunsploitation.  Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have another entry in the more often done than one would think nunsploitation genre.  At least this one tries to make a point (I mean a point other than “nuns having sex is cool”.)

Sacred Flesh opens with Father Henry, the abbot, and his over sexed servant, Richard, being summoned by a convent’s abbess.  As they make the journey, Father Henry and Richard discuss the pros and cons of chastity.  They arrive at their destination to find that the mother superior is having visions of Mary Magdalene and a dead skeletal nun.  The abbess believes this is due to sexual repression and wishes it to be stopped with the mother superior rather than spreading.

The rest of the movie mostly concentrates on Sister Elizabeth, the mother superior, and her debates with Mary Magdalene over desire and chastity, the pleasures of the flesh and the sins of repression.  Interspersed in their musings are vignettes representing other nuns’ confessions and fantasies.  They start with self-pleasuring, move to flagellation and lesbian sex, finally ending with a nun being violated by two priests, another nun tied to a cross and also violated, while others nuns have a three-way.

Some of the images are disturbing especially if you’re religious or spiritual.  The underlying message of whether or not abstinence and virtue are, in this day and age, still applicable is certainly an interesting topic and one that should be addressed.  I’m just not sure this was the best way to do it.  The trailer is as usual below but if any of this doesn’t appeal to you, please don’t watch the trailer and please remember while it’s light on the nudity it’s probably NSFW!