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New Issue of Rogue Cinema


The latest issue of Rogue Cinema is up, y’all!!  w00t!  So what’s on tap for this month?  Well, this time around I got to interview Brad C. Hodson, horror author, about his newest novel “Darling”.  It’s very Stephen King’ish so if you’re into that sort of thing, check it out!


Next up is a review of Benny Loves Killing, a meta-love note to film kind of flick that’s visually beautiful.


After that we’ve got The Feed, another sci-fi dystopian cyber punk body modification flick (seriously, when did this genre get so big??).


And last but not least (and personally my favorite), On The Horizon, a stunning short with which I fell madly in love.


There’s tons of other cool stuff in this issue too AND in case y’all didn’t hear, our very own Mike from Mike’s Film Talk is now writing for Rogue as well!!  High fives all around!!!  🙂  So go check it and I’ll be back later today with another fun-filled post!  (Yes, that is the sound of the Horsemen coming, obviously the apocalypse is nigh if I am posting twice in one day… ;)).