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Today we have another Jeremiah Kipp short film, the experimental and NSFW Drool. While I loved Crestfallen, I don’t love this. However, I also don’t dislike it.

Drool leaves one unsettled and in my case vaguely grossed out due to the copious amounts of, you guessed it, drool. I may be unsqueamish when it comes to blood and guts but other bodily fluids give me the heebie jeebies. And I have issues with sticky substances and whatever was used here seemed a bit syrupy. So if you have issues with that sort of thing, I’d take a pass on this on. If you’re down with a little (a lot of) clear, sticky syrupy gel like substances then I definitely recommend this.

Stop telling us about your weird issues with substances and get to the point of the film already!

Another silent film and completely open to interpretation, Drool is shot in sepia tones with a stark background (that has a steam room feel to it). Minus the fluids, it’s really beautifully done. Featuring just two actors, my interpretation is: birth, life, sex and death. (All this in just under five minutes too!) There’s really not a lot going on here action wise but the actors really do a great job of storytelling with their entire bodies. They’re graceful and it’s almost like watching a ballet (although a ballet done mostly laying on the floor).

The full video is included below and if you like experimental film and aren’t particularly squeamish like me, then I’d definitely recommend a viewing. Drool is unlike anything else I’ve seen recently and that alone wins it major points in a cinematic world of remakes, sequels and just plain boringness.