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The First Five: Da Hip Hop Witch


What the FUCK did I just try to watch??  What the FUCK??  Eminem what the hell were you thinking appearing in this?  What was anyone thinking??  My respect for Eminem took a nose dive after attempting this atrocity (and yes, I do like Eminem’s music, big fan actually).

This is what Wikipedia has to say about it:

“After learning about the “Hip Hop Witch”, a powerful supernatural being that lurks in the ghettos and attacks upcoming rappers which makes their record sales go up, five suburban teenagers go on a quest to get their rap careers started by being attacked by said witch. Filming their experience, they run into past hip hop stars that have already battled the Witch in person.”

I didn’t get that far of course.  After Eminem appeared, I gave up and  quickly,  The cinematography was shite and I couldn’t tell what was going on and it was just so bad I wanted to cry.  Poor rap stars.  You all need hugs after this.

So yeah, Da Hip Hop Witch should be avoided at all costs.  Go find your favorite rapper in another movie, yo.  Trust me.