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Behind the Scenes of Episode 1 of “When the Lights Go Out”

Here it is the very first behind the scenes video from the upcoming web series “When the Lights Go Out”, shot and edited by the always brilliant Amanda Diane Theresa Castro-Conroy (you may know her as the woman who did my headshots and most of the other photos you’ve seen on this page.  And if you like what you’ve seen from her, maybe you’d also like to head over to Facebook and give her new photography page a like?  I know she’d really appreciate it!).  I would like to say before you watch that I swear I’m much more intelligent than I seem here and WAYYYY less narcissistic.  Really!!  Most of what I’m saying is a combination of being super tired and mocking myself, lol.  Also when I mention movie bloggers I am talking about YOU, E! *giggles*  I should never, ever be allowed to speak on camera unless I’m acting.  Like EVER.  😉   Anyway, we all from “When the Lights Go Out”  hope you enjoy the sneak peek!  The entire web series is now written and we’re just trying to find the time to finish filming.

I also want to add that I’ll also be posting something else tomorrow…and the next day!  Omg, I finally had time to watch a movie!!!!  Yay!!  So weird, it’s like people think this is a movie review site or something… 😉

Anyway, thanks for watching and for repeatedly coming back by my site, you guys’ support is more appreciated than you will ever know!!