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Why Have I Not Been Blogging?

Well, there’s a lot of reasons but this right here is part of the reason I’ve been too busy to blog lately:

I am now hosting Awesome Movie Reviews for ROBB Entertainment!  I’m also working on a few more projects with them (details to be divulged at a later time when legalities have been worked out).  🙂

I was also just cast as Horatio in a local production of “Hamlet” (yes, I know he’s a male but we’re making him a she, lol).

And there’s actually a lot more going on but this is all I can tell you guys for now.  I’m doing my best to get back to a somewhat normal schedule, I really am.  At the least, I’m trying to be around to read and comment more than I have as of late.

Once this series starts, I really hope you guys will check it out and give it a watch.  I’m super excited and super happy and I really think you guys will enjoy the show.  It’s just going to be me doing my thing just on screen. 😉

A thank you to all my new followers and a HUGE thank you to all my older followers who have been sticking around while I’ve been awhol.  It’s greatly appreciated.  You guys are awesome. 🙂