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Hey Kids, Comics!

Me and Rob Kelly at the Hey Kids, Comics! book signing

Me and Rob Kelly at the Hey Kids, Comics! book signing

I was super excited to get to go to my friend, Rob Kelly’s book signing at Bookends in Ridgewood, NJ today!  I know a lot of you are comic book fans so I thought I’d share his book with you.

Hey Kids, Comics!: True-Life Tales From The Spinner Rack is an anthology of true-life stories from comic book legends, authors, TV and film writers, journalists, and people from all walks of life on how comic books changed their lives. Accompanied by vintage photos, HEY KIDS, COMICS! is a must-read for any comic book fan or student of pop culture history.

I haven’t read it yet but I’ll be posting a review as soon as I’m done and will likely be interviewing Rob as well.  I’m a huge fan of comics (though admittedly not so much the superhero ones) so I’m sure this is going to be a gem!  The link is above if you’re interested in learning more about it.

Rob also runs a pretty amazeballs web comic, called Ace Kilroy, which he describes as Indiana Jones meets the Universal Monsters. It’s currently in Season 2 and it is, of course, totes free.  TOTES. 🙂