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Die You Zombie Bastards!


Die You Zombie Bastards is quite possibly the best movie ever made.  No, really!…Well, okay, not really but it’s the best “worst movie that took 5 years to make” ever made.  As far as cult flicks go, this one is aces.  It pretty much has it all and then more.  In fact, the last scene consists of random people and things just popping up out of nowhere: disobedient dogmen, giant robots, a superhero’s sidekick, giant bugs and possibly even a gorilla!  WOW.

This is in it…

And actually:

ALL of THIS is in it!

So what’s the plot?  (Seriously, after those screenshots do you really care??)  A lovable serial killer’s wife gets kidnapped by a guy named Nefarious who is intent on turning the world into zombies.  He’s already kidnapped a set of triplets and turned them into zombie sex slaves (see Image 1) and he’s decided that Violet (the wife) will be his.  Muhahahahhaaaaa!!!!  So the serial killers sets off on a quest to save Violet…a quest that involves a game of Operation, a puff of blue smoke, a cheese monster and a suit of skin. Not following?  Don’t worry, it’s not really important.

OH WAIT!!!!  Did I mention that rockabilly legend Hasil Adkins is in this???  Never heard of him?  Neither had I!  But he rocks, I can tell you that much.    I highly recommend you check his Wiki page to learn more (he has a whole album dedicated to chickens!!!)