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Hamlet Teaser Trailer 2.0

I know I keep saying I’m on my way back and then disappearing again but I really am!  This week is the last two performances of “Hamlet” in Haverstraw, NY and then I have at least a week, maybe two before the next acting project starts. I’ve been around to a few blogs and actually have some reviews AND interviews waiting in the wings.  But in the meantime, here’s the latest trailer for “Hamlet” featuring some wicked sweet original music from our in-house composer, Alex Mathews!  Enjoy!

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

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If you’re in the NJ/NY area and feel so inclined, stop by the Secret Notebook Productions staging of “Hamlet” opening this Thursday!  While we’ve kept the original language, we’ve updated the setting to modern day Connecticut where all the adults are high-powered execs at Denmark, Inc. and the younger generation are emo college kids.  Above are some of the promo photos taken by one of my favorite photographers, Mandy at ADTCC Photography.  Below is our teaser trailer done by owner/producer Emily Schepker.  And I’ve also included the Facebook event page.  We’re super excited about this production so we hope you’ll join us if you’re able!  And if you do come, make sure to stay after so I can meet you!!  🙂

Why Have I Not Been Blogging?

Well, there’s a lot of reasons but this right here is part of the reason I’ve been too busy to blog lately:

I am now hosting Awesome Movie Reviews for ROBB Entertainment!  I’m also working on a few more projects with them (details to be divulged at a later time when legalities have been worked out).  🙂

I was also just cast as Horatio in a local production of “Hamlet” (yes, I know he’s a male but we’re making him a she, lol).

And there’s actually a lot more going on but this is all I can tell you guys for now.  I’m doing my best to get back to a somewhat normal schedule, I really am.  At the least, I’m trying to be around to read and comment more than I have as of late.

Once this series starts, I really hope you guys will check it out and give it a watch.  I’m super excited and super happy and I really think you guys will enjoy the show.  It’s just going to be me doing my thing just on screen. 😉

A thank you to all my new followers and a HUGE thank you to all my older followers who have been sticking around while I’ve been awhol.  It’s greatly appreciated.  You guys are awesome. 🙂