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Shrooms is a 2007 Irish/Danish co-production where the most important thing is a beautiful beautiful boy that amounts to an Irish Johnny Depp.

"Hello, gorgeous."

Okay, technically he’s English but still.  He is absolutely delicious in this movie.  Moving on though.

So these college kids go to Ireland to meet up with Irish Johnny Depp, go camping and do shrooms.  OF COURSE, they’re camping down the road from a creepy empty children’s home that has a horrible background associated with it.  While collecting mushrooms for an evening of wild shroom tea fun, our protagonist, Tara (you might recognize her as Hadley from “True Blood”) makes the mistake of eating a deathcap mushroom.   Now a deathcap is NOT the kind of mushroom that makes for a fun evening.  As the name suggests, it’s quite deadly and few have survived an encounter.  In this case, Tara has an extreme seizure but manages to survive with seemingly no aftereffects.  At least until she starts having premonitions of herself and her friends deaths.  Whoops.  You can all probably guess what follows next.  Typical, running through the woods, murder galore with the added effects of hallucinogenic camera work.  I’m not saying Shrooms isn’t fun.  It’s actually quite the trip (hehe).  However, it is pretty standard cookie cutter fare.  There’s also a mess of extras thrown into the “killer in the woods” scenario via the aforementioned abandoned children’s home and a pair of local woodsmen (the crazy, murderous type) that has no other purpose than as a misdirect.

If it comes down to a choice between this or oh, say…..Teletubbies….definitely go with Shrooms.  Although I guess if you’re high, the two are technically the same….