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Happy 3 Months, Y’all!

No He Said/She Said today.  Instead this:

Yesterday marked three months of Cinema Schminema and for me that is uber exciting.  Why?  Because back in the day (circa 2005/2006), I was a hardcore blogger.  I had three blogs – a personal one, a movie one (Movie Slayer) and the last was for my writing (short stories, poems, you name it).  I met a lot of people and forged some great relationships.  My best friend, Mich-la, for one.  I’ve yet to meet her in person but we talk through every outlet available to us, almost every day and she is one of my biggest supporters.  My ex-boyfriend.  My friends – KitKat, Mikey and more.  People I still talk to and some I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet.  So what’s my point here?  Blogging changed my life.  Not just with friends and boyfriends but because of it I ended up moving across the country a few years back. I do it for the writing yes, because I can’t live and not write (I tried, it was terrible!) but also because it allows me the chance to meet people from all over the world and if it wasn’t for those people (aka YOU!), Cinema Schminema wouldn’t be here because you guys reading and you guys commenting keeps it going.

So to all of you – thank you for reading and commenting the past three months.  I deeply appreciate you stopping by and I enjoy reading each and everyone of your blogs.  So yay!  Here’s to many more posts and many more conversations!  🙂