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Fan of offbeat comedies? Ever had a roomie with whom you just could NOT get along? Then 2LDK is for you!

Aspiring actresses Nozomi and Rana belong to the same talent agency, share an apartment, and have just auditioned for the same part in a film called Yakuza Wives. (Not the brightest of ideas to have these two living together on top of everything else…..).  Add to this their clashing personalities and the fact that they then discover they’re both after the same guy and yikes.

What starts as minor skirmishes (omg, she totally used my Rehab shampoo from Lush!! [side note: I love Lush and love the shout out they get here]), quickly escalates to full out war.  War with power tools, I might add.

Say hello to my little friend….

Not that this battle is simply limited to power tools, oh no.  There’s electrocution, knives,and fists amongst others.  So who will win the war, the part, the guy???

The action never leaves the apartment so it’s up to the two actresses to carry the film and trust me, they do.  The action is quick and non-stop once it starts and while there are some minor plot problems due to voice overs that allude to murky past events, the film is amusing, violent and well done.