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Suburban Zombie or The Decay of the Mind

Suburban Zombie or The Decay of the Mind came to me via a commenter named Evan Jones.  It’s a one minute zombie film (that alone got me – can one even DO a zombie film that’s any kind of decent in one minute??  Has Romero been wasting our time all these years with needless filler?  Can someone out there in the intranets turn all of Romero’s films into one minute versions for my amusement??) with a twist.

The film opens with a guy sitting in a shed watching t.v.

Guy. Shed. ‘Nuff said.

Suddenly, his t.v. goes on the fritz (horror of horrors!!) and dude gets pissed.  Seriously he goes all Hulk and smashes the t.v.  Then he goes outside into the sun (which he obviously hasn’t seen in awhile since he tries to block it with his arms – “Arggghhhh!  Sunlight!!” and we have a moment of “Wait is he zombie or vampire?”).  Next, two mysterious figures in black appear (creepy!) and point to the shed indicating that he should go back inside.  So he does and watches his broken t.v.  Oooohhhh, get it??

I liked this for the social commentary it made about the mind numbingness of  society.  Seriously, these Kardashians and guidos I keep hearing about frighten me more than the upcoming zombie apocalypse.  Our need to be entertained and our seeming unending quest for “15 minutes” is going to be our downfall.  In my IMHO.  And it likely will be via a zombie apocalypse – zombies have been the metaphor for our societal fears ever since Romero appeared on the scene.

So check it out, it’s just a minute!