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He Said/She Said: Buttcrack

Check out today’s He Said/She Said!  It’s all about the crack!

Drive Thru

Okay, what’s your worst nightmare?  Just sit a moment and think of it.  Got it?  Now my guess is that what you came up with is a fast food clown (ala Ronald McDonald), whose name is Horny, who has gone on a massive killing spree.  What?  NO??  What the hell is wrong with you??  *sighs*  Obviously, you have yet to see the wonder that is Drive Thru because that’s the whole premise and believe me, if you’d seen this one, you would have nightmares too…nightmares of bad acting and lousy plotlines and clowns who go into seizures when they kill people.  Oh, and white 20-something guys pretending they’re thug gangstas, who yell out completely random and meaningless phrases they’ve heard from rappers on MTV.  Seriously, y’all, foshizzle my nizzle and shiz.

I’m so alone and misunderstood. Won’t somebody love me??

Honestly, with better writing the story could’ve been half-way decent.  I mean clowns are scary.  I’ve been working on my own scary clown movie for three years now (entitled Clown!) because I’m terrified of the creatures.  But Horny?  Horny was just sad and a little misunderstood.  Also he was a ghost.  I think.  That part wasn’t entirely clear.  Oh and given the cast (Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Melora Hardin), the acting should’ve been wayyyy better.  But alas, there is nothing that could save this from D movie hell.

Fun for a laugh but not a scare!