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I’ve never done a blogger’s tag either but thanks to Mike over at Mike’s Film Talk now I get to so thanks Mike!! 🙂  Of course you all already visit Mike on a daily basis but ya know just in case there’s some newbies, Mike is awesome and doesn’t just talk about film but talks about books and life and really whatever the hell’s on his mind.  Also he talks about Quorn a lot.  Oh and recipes!  Seriously, just go check  him out.

Now for the rules. Sit down in the back and stop sighing! You know there’s going to be rules; it’s the nature of the beast. Does everyone have a pen and paper? Right, let us begin. Oh and spit out that gum, unless of course, you have enough for everyone!

The Rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.
3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.
4. Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and let them know they have been tagged.

*A photo of me that you all have never seen before (at least I think?) – thank goodness I have approximately 1500 photos of me on Facebook to choose from….and eleven facts (this part is going to be harder…)*

At the drive-in last July - I'm not posing, I'm not acting, I'm not modeling, I'm not on a set, I am just being me.

At the drive-in last July – I’m not posing, I’m not acting, I’m not modeling, I’m not on a set, I am just being me.

  1.  I have a Yorkie named Charles Barklington,  Esq., III, Jr.  He has an Australian accent and likes to wear a monocle.
  2.  I didn’t eat mac’n’cheese till I was in my 20s.
  3.  I have a thing about touch – most likely due to my OCD – I cannot go through a store and not touch something that looks interesting, soft, fuzzy, warm, cold, anything – god forbid I ever get lost in the fabric department at Walmart, I’ll never make it out because I’ll have to touch everything at least once.  This also includes things people are wearing but, in that area at least, I’m able to restrict it to my friends and I let them know I’m about to get all touchy-feely before I just start feeling them up.  Is this like an actual thing?  Is there a name for “musttoucheverythingitis”??
  4. I didn’t drink coffee till September of last year.
  5. I am awesome at keeping secrets.
  6. I have a potato chip addiction.
  7. Apparently, I now also have a San Pellegrino addiction.
  8. I am NOT a morning person.  I do not wake up fully and properly till 1 or later (even though I “wake up” and get out of bed by 9 most mornings).  So if you need to ask or tell me anything vitally important, after 1 EST is the time to do so.
  9. This weekend I am having a slumber party/pillow fight/movies night with my friends and I am very happy about it!  Most of my actor-y friends range from 22-27 and they totally missed the 90s so we’re having 90s movie night – THEY HAVE NEVER SEEN EMPIRE RECORDS.  I know, I know, I don’t know how I stay friends with them either.
  10. I sing all the time.  Till I lose my voice most days.  I am a terrible singer, according to my mother.
  11. Oh thank goodness, the last one!  Um…how bout this – if you really are dying to know something else about me, just ask.  Like Truth or Dare without the Dare. 😉


  1. Snow, rain, or Sun?  SUN!!!!  I like rain too but only in the summer. 
  2. What is your favourite genre of literature/film?  Favorite literature genre – too hard.  I read as much as or more than I watch movies.  I will quite literally read anything once – fiction, non-fiction, horror, philosophy, essays, fantasy…I don’t read sci-fi too terribly much and I don’t like romance novels.  Film – obviously horror, cult and D and below flicks. 😉
  3. Do you snore when you sleep?  Nope.  I am a Sleep Ninja though and might punch you in the face.  For reals. 
  4. Who hogs the covers in your house?  My dog.  For a 13 lb dog, he sure takes up a helluva lot of room on the bed.
  5. If you could be a movie character, who would it be?  Such a hard question!!  ALL the movie characters??
  6. Do you watch sub-titled movies?  Of course, love them.  🙂
  7. Who is your favourite movie director?  Jan Svankmajer.  I think he’s pure magic for the most part (Little Otik was not my favorite, I have to admit) and I know most people think I’m weird for that but there it is.
  8. What is your “guilty pleasure?”  I have different guilty pleasures for different days/occasions/etc., I need a better definition.  😦  Um…dance movies…mainstream movies when I’m sick…mainstream YA novels…and these:

    I will cut a mofo for the last pack of these at the store, no lie.

    I will cut a mofo for the last pack of these at the store, no lie.

  9. Seaside, mountains, or desert?  Mountains.  I hate the ocean and everything in it that wants to eat me and I’m not fond of sand. 
  10. Would you crash your car to avoid hitting an animal in the road?  Probably. 
  11. Do you prefer mornings or afternoons?  Afternoons.  Actually evenings.   Night time is the best time to be awake. 


  1. What’s your favorite color?
  2. What’s your favorite alcoholic beverage?
  3. How many licks does it take to get to the center of  a Tootsie Pop?
  4. What’s your biggest fear?
  5. If you created a world, who or what would rule it?
  6. What’s your job?
  7. Love – real and emotional or just a chemical imbalance?
  8. Giraffes – love them or hate them?
  9. What would you be doing if you didn’t have to work for money?
  10. Kitten wearing a top hat riding a giraffe – this is the epitome of adorable, no?
  11. How much of yourself are you willing to put online?

NOW FOR MY “Tag-ees:”

Any and all.  I know a lot of you hate stuff like this so I always feel really bad if I actually tag someone, lol.  So ya know, if you read my blog or are mentioned in the sidebar, you are tagged!  Speaking of, check out my blogroll and go visit these folks – they’re uber awesome, each and every one.  Likewise, if you’re missing from my blog roll, send me an email and let me know

Thanks again, Mike – this was fun!  🙂