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Blood Car

Blood Car.  Simple, elegant, and wicked cool, eh?  After attending a director’s panel at the Sidewalk Film Fest in Birmingham, AL and hearing the director say this about his movie, “I wanted to make a movie you’d find on the shelf at your local video store.  One with tits, blood and cars.” I had to find and watch.  And I must say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, Mr. Director.  Not only is there a car that runs on blood but there’s lots of sex–the dirty kind, the awkward kind and some of the just plain interesting variety.

Gas prices have soared in the near future, now averaging $32/gallon, so people can no longer afford to drive.  Enter one mild-mannered vegan kindergarten teacher named Archie who is working on making an engine that runs on wheatgrass.  Unfortunately he’s had no luck.  But then his luck changes when he accidentally cuts himself and realizes that (of course) BLOOD is the secret ingredient to having a happy car!  Over the course of his journey, Archie becomes….well…..let’s just say he’s less of a peace-loving environmentally friendly guy by the end.  But who can blame him?  Let’s face it, the blood to run a car has to come from somewhere right? So of course he has to be less of a nice guy!  Add in the fact that there’s a secret agency after him to get the secrets of his car and it’s no wonder he gets a little cranky.

Featuring a turn by Anna Chlumsky, as a girl who runs a vegan stand and is in love with Archie, “Blood Car” is definitely a fun ride, best suited for adolescent boys or fans of such movies as “Bad Taste”.