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Black Sheep

Not to be confused with the Chris Farley movie, Black Sheep (Unrated) is quite possibly the comedy of the year (that year being 2007).  Horror movie or not, the hilarity in this one does not stop and it’s oh so quotable which I just love in a movie.  One of my most favorite exchanges here:

“You fucker!”

“Actually, it was more like a sperm sample…”

“You wanker!”

*giggles*  It’s fun to try to work that into conversation.

Sheep are not as cute and cuddly as you think, oh no!

Hailing from New Zealand and bringing us some fresh new territory in the form of were-sheep, this is a cautionary tale against genetic engineering.  Our hero (who incidentally after growing up on a sheep farm, has a phobia of sheep) returns home to sell his part of the farm to his brother who has been raising sheep on it this whole time.  Unfortunately (or rather, fortunately for us), it turns out that his brother (who is oh so deliciously evil and slimy) has been doing experiments on the sheep, trying to create a perfect specimen.  Of course the experiments go horribly wrong and the next thing you know you’ve got sheep attacking and eating humans who then turn into gigantic sheep themselves.


Aw, c’mon, I just wanna give ya a little nibble!

I know, I know, it sounds incredibly cheesy (and I guess it is a little) but more importantly it’s HILARIOUS.  And disgusting.  There are some definite gory blood and guts shots so this isn’t so much for the weak stomached crowd.

See? Just a nibble…

If you’re looking for a bit of a different horror comedy, definitely check this one out!