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Nostalgiathon 2012, for reals

Kickawesome banner courtesy of Andy and his wife. 🙂


If you guys will look up above, you’ll see that I created a new page for Nostalgiathon 2012!  I am so tech savvy!  😉  If you click on it, you’ll find all the info on how to participate AND a list of all the current Nostalgiathon posts (which will be updated with each and every incoming one!).  So join us for fun and good times and reminiscence of the golden, olden days!


I HAVE INTERNET!!!!!!  I am back amongst the living!!  Still no power at my house so I have been staying with friends for the past couple of days but they didn’t have internet back till today.  No idea when my house will be back up and running.  We’re hoping it’s by Wednesday like promised since we have another storm coming in Wednesday/Thursday.

Me and mine were far luckier than a lot of people but it’s been a rough week.  Gas is running out in Jersey, there’s food shortages, there’s been some looting…it’s going to take awhile to recover.

Ghost Town




As for me, personally, since I work from home and have been powerless for a week, I haven’t been able to work so that’s the first thing I have to catch up on.  After that, I’ll be working my way back here to blogging so expect me to start popping up in comments again.  I’ll be finishing my run of the Nightmare series and then it’s on to Nostalgiathon 2012!!!!  If you aren’t yet familiar, here’s the 411 (and I am copying this directly from Andy Watches Movies for times’ sake):


This has been a few months in the making but the wrapper is finally ready to be pulled off of…


In what originated as a flippant remark between Misty of Cinema Schminema and me, Nostalgiathon is finally here.

Allow me to explain!

The purpose of Nostalgiathon is to relive things from your childhood through the eyes of an adult. Since Andy Watches Movies and Cinema Schminema are both movie-focused blogs, we will be covering movies, but books, TV shows, whatever else are all fair game if you’d like to participate.

“How do I participate?” you may be wondering…It’s easy!

And there you have it!!  You can find the original post HERE on Andy’s site and a list of who has participated so far.  I’ll also repost this as a standalone post so it can be linked back too.  But please join in the fun!!

Okay, I’m outtie so I can go do hella work.  Catch you guys soon – and for everyone who emailed to check on me, I greatly appreciate it!!  Thank you!!  🙂