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Alice in Murderland


By now, I think my love of Alice in Wonderland is pretty well documented so of course I couldn’t pass up this little gem of a film. Alice In Murderland has the potential for all around good time but doesn’t quite live up to the expectations set forth in the title.

It’s Alice’s 21st birthday and in celebration her sorority sisters plan a girls only party (along with someone’s gay uncle) with an Alice in Wonderland theme at the house where Alice’s mother was murdered 20 years ago.  How sweet!  Seriously, why aren’t my friends as thoughtful as these gals?  As the night goes on, people start getting murdered left and right and there’s a whole bunch of magic shrooms being inhaled.

I find this girl to be uber hot.

I find this girl to be uber hot.

So yeah, all the elements are there for a swell time.  We’ve got hot girls (okay some are hot, some are just eh), we’ve got sorority sisters.  We open strong with an axe murder.  We’ve got boys trying to sneak into the party and girls dating girls’ exes.  Plus we’ve got a serial killer that likes to dress up as the Jabberwocky (which is oddly reminiscent of the turkey in Thankskilling…).  How does it all manage to go wrong?

While the film starts off strong with solid acting and a cheesy but not too overly cheesy murder, it quickly starts to fall apart with the lack of plot (I know, I know, this isn’t a movie one watches for plot but it was that bad).  The story gets convoluted and characters keep jumping around in their characterizations (oh you’re the dumb girl?  Then how did you suddenly get so smart?)  Plus there’s the twist ending that doesn’t lend much to the story and doesn’t go where one expects it to go so that it falls flat.  And the actual final moments of the film are just lame.

Watch this one for the hot girl on girl cat fights and nothing else.