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Room 6

Room 6 is a mess.  Seriously, like a 35 car pile up on the highway kind of mess that you just can’t look away from even though you really, really, really want to.

The story here involves a woman (Christine Taylor) who has a fear of hospitals.  She and her fiance get into a wreck (of course).  She’s fine, he’s not and he gets whisked away in an ambulance before she knows what’s happened.  No one will tell her what hospital he’s at and it takes the teaming up of herself and the other driver involved in the crash,to finally find out he’s been taken to St. Rosemary’s…..which seems to not actually exist.  Meanwhile, the fiance is stuck in the non-existent hospital with a group of nurses who like to get naked and frolick whilst drinking blood.  Because yeah, of course.  It’s odd but Mr. Fiance doesn’t really seem to mind too much (*sighs*  Men…). Unfortunately things are about to take a turn for the worst for him.  So the question here is can Christine Taylor overcome her fear of hospitals in time to save her love??

Oh, honey. You’re day is only going to go downhill from here…..

The ending is supposed to be a twist but ultimately the entire movie is so confusing that I didn’t fully realize the concept of the end until I watched the behind the scenes interviews.  There’s lots of monsters and scary demon people and yes, the requisite creepy little girl.  Basically, all of the most basic horror movie concepts were taken and turned into horror mish mash.

Anyone else seen this?  Was I just having an off day and it really wasn’t this horrible?  Thoughts?