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Nightmare Code

Tag Line: It finds the bug in you…

Guys. *pssst* Hey, guys! I have a secret. Know what it is? That this movie is f*cking awesome! (What? If you didn’t know, then it counts as a secret…) This is, hands down, one of my new favorite movies. Not gonna lie – I wasn’t a fan of the ending but it doesn’t detract THAT much from the “WHAAA-?” factor going on here.

So ya know how we live in the age of “Big Brother” (hello, 1984!)? Drones, people listening in on phone calls, Facebook messenger needing access to our birth certificate to work kinda stuff? That’s what this is about. Except what if “Big Brother” isn’t a person (or group of people) but rather…dun, dun, dun…a NIGHTMARE CODE???


Someone’s been naughty…

“Nightmare Code” is a psychological sci-fi thriller about computerized behavior recognition, behavior modification and 24/7 surveillance.Our main guy, Brett, is this wicked hacker who’s also a whistleblower, who’s in a heck of a lot of trouble, who gets recruited to work on this super secret project that needs to be finished STAT. It’s called ROPER and it’s an all-seeing behavior recognition program (think Minority Report – the TV show at least, I haven’t seen that movie) intended to predict future behavior. Brett got recruited super fast for this project. Why? Oh, just because the last lead programmer went on a murder/suicide spree. Yeah, no big. Cotton was his name and he was apparently a genius – a MAD genius, mwhahaha. Now Brett’s holed up in this office building (seriously, he can’t leave for some reason, not even to get lunch apparently? Weird…TOTES) with a super small team of 4 other people trying to race against time to get this baby done. His only contact with the outside world is via video chats with his wife & daughter and his programming counterpart in India. Fun job, eh? One small, itsy bitsy problem though…the code he’s working on? It’s kind of alive. Yeah.


Oh hey, sex guy is in this movie too. Forgot about him!

That’s right, the big bad of our thriller is computer code! You’re sitting there going, that doesn’t sound scary or thrilling at ALL. NO. You just watch the movie because ROPER is freaking terrifying. It’s like “Robopacolypse” terrifying. The entire movie is told from the viewpoint of the CODE. Yep, it’s the first movie told from the view of artificial intelligence. This ended up being a small problem for me at times, actually, because this involved a lot of security camera footage being shown on 4 split screens at a time. There was way too much going on for me to concentrate when different things were happening on those screens so I don’t know if I missed anything important. Otherwise, it’s wicked cool watching our protagonist, Brett (Andrew J. West), slowly lose his mind while unwittingly (at first) battling this entity.



As I said before, I wasn’t a fan of the ending. It was entirely too expected; it was exactly what you knew was going to happen. I spent the last half of the film praying it WOULDN’T happen but to no avail. It doesn’t take away from the overall kickaewsomeness of “Nightmare Code” but a less archetypal ending would’ve set this film so much further apart from other sci-fi thrillers than it already is.

Guys, this is some good, clean fun right here (and by “good, clean” I obviously mean blood + sexy naked time), and y’all need to get your asses in gear and go watch “Nightmare Code” NOW. Remember, I’ll know if you don’t, because someone’s always watching… 😉

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  1. I’m on some sketchy wifi here in Jersey so I hope you get this but:

    Sounds good!


    Miss you!!


    #totes !!

    • You’re in my home state??? I miss Jersey so much!!! And I miss you too, of course. TOTES. Also yeah, I think you would dig this one. It’s MEGA-cool!

      • Yeah, I work here now… Lovely, smelly Piscataway…. Two or three weeks out of the month. I don’t love it here but you gotta make a living, right??? Come visit! We could have a beer or four!


      • Omg, you’re only like 35 minutes away from where I used to live! That’s like a hop, skip and a jump in Jerseyland! And I actually am planning a visit very soon – hopefully March *fingers crossed*. 🙂 So I’ll look you up! BUT you have to take back what you said about Jersey being smelly…why you gotta promote stereotypes? ;-p Have you been to the city yet? Go the city and have fun! #totesmcgotes

      • I am just learning about NJ and the east coast. You know I come from the plains. My first reaction to your reply is that it takes me almost 35 minutes to go ANYWHERE down i287. My work is five miles away and it can take up to 40 minutes to get there . has anyone ever heard of:

        #overpass ????

  2. Sounds interesting. Did you see Ex Machina, I thought that was good but this looks like it could be even better.

  3. Thanks so much for the kind and enthusiastic review, mistylayne, and so glad you had a good time with Nightmare Code!

  4. Great review Misty. I just watched Nightmare Code because of you & I loved it!

  5. Nightmare Code looks just as good as some of the higher budgeted found footage films, and what I think what is most scary about this film is the possibility that it could actually happen; sometimes that is more horrifying than werewolves or vampires.


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