Sexy Evil Genius

sexy evil genius

Omg, why was Sexy Evil Genius so boring????  This had a really good cast – Michelle Trachtenberg, Seth Green, Anthony Michael Hall, William Baldwin, Harold Perrineau.  I mean, that’s a pretty darn good cast, right?  I love Michelle ever since “Buffy” and c’mon, who doesn’t enjoy Seth Green??  (Okay, to be fair, some people may not).  But he’s playing the straight man here and it’s awesome to watch.  In fact, everyone does a great job in this movie.  Even William Baldwin doesn’t suck.  But my gods, was it a boring movie.

The best two in the movie though.

The best two in the movie though.

So the gist is that Nikki (Katee Sackhoff, who I am NOT familiar with) gathers three of her ex-lovers (Seth, Michelle and Harold) to meet with her and her new fiance (William).  But she can’t just have a big group meeting and be straight about it.  We find out over the course of the film that Nikki is either a really free spirit or one straight up psychotic bitch (my vote goes to psychotic bitch btw) so the whole evening is one big mind fuck.  And the whole movie just spins in circles where you keep thinking one thing will happen but then it never does.  And the whole movie is set in a bar and the action rarely leaves the one table the characters are at.  Normally, I LOVE talky movies like this but this one I just could not get into.

So really that sums it up – great cast, terrible plot, great acting, very talky with no action which is normally a plus – I should’ve loved this thing…*sighs*

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  1. J.D. Gallagher

    Sexy Evil Genius….I’ve found the title of my biography. 🙂

  2. How can a film with that title be boring ?

  3. I didn’t think that one was too bad, it was nothing special but there were definitely worse films out there this year, some of them were nominated for an oscar. 🙂

    • *giggles* @ “some of them were nominated for an oscar”. 😉 There are definitely worse films out there but I just didn’t expect this one to be soooo boring. I mean, you have a great cast, the concept could’ve been interesting, I don’t mind all the talking but just nothing happens. It killed me, lol.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I have actually watched and reviewed this as well. Got excited when I seen Seth Green. And even more when I seen Michelle, always loved her for some reason. But yeah, the script pulled no punches, and was not enough for a dialogue driven sit along. Could have been far better than what it was..

  5. Its really not the kind of cast that would excite me! Anything with Seth Green as the lead can’t be good 🙂

  6. I don’t know if I’m 100% on this thing…

  7. Aw. I got really excited when I saw the movie cover on top of your review, too bad it was disappointing! You’d think casting Starbuck with some ex-Buffsters (I’ve been pro Green since he was Ritchie in IT) and Harold Perrineau they would be able to muster a little magic. Ah well, I guess even great actors can only do so much with a bad script. I may need to check it out anyway, but at least I’m forewarned!


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