The Minions and Jeremiah Kipp


If you’re a long time reader of this site, then you’ve heard me mention Jeremiah Kipp a few times. His short films were one of the first things I ever reviewed here and I’ve also interviewed him for Rogue Cinema.  I also may or may not have repeatedly begged him to cast me in something because I really love his work and I may or may not have completely embarrassed myself in doing so….ahem…anyway…. 😉

The latest thing he’s working on is something that is very exciting for me not only because it’s a horror thing but also because in the “About” video on Indiegogo they mention Hansel & Gretel which means it’s kind of a horror/fairy tale mesh which totally hits my sweet spot cause we all know how I feel about those two things!  I mean, we do all know, right?  I have made that pretty clear on this site, right?  *giggles*


Anyway, they ARE running a campaign on Indiegogo so if you are so inclined, hit them up with a couple of bucks or if you have a friend you think would dig on this, give them the heads up.  Because if this doesn’t get made, I might cry. 😦  You wouldn’t want to see me cry would you???


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  1. OMG you watched Bad Milo??

  2. Sounds like a great project!


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