The Smalls Family

This isn’t even a review – this is just me sharing something that I find hilarious and AMAZEBALLS.  ENJOY!!!!

THE SMALLS FAMILY is an experimental comedy based on the timeless lyrics of THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G.
Biggie Smalls is considered by most to be one the great lyricists in the history of hip-hop music. His untimely death on March 9 , 1997 changed the face of hip-hop and left a legacy behind that has yet to be duplicated.
In the past, many great works of classic writers and poets have been reinterpreted over the years…most notably the works of Shakespeare.
In similar nature THE SMALLS FAMILY strives to pay homage to Biggie’s incomparable language….while refreshing it to a new audience.


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I'm a Z movie loving, horror hound, Buffy quoting, Dr. Who watching, geekazoid and seeker of all things unusual. I'm a gypsy wanderer, lover of words, Wendy of the damned and all that jazz. What can I say? I'm complicated.

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  1. This is very well done, but the humor would work better if they actors didn’t try to “Rap” most of their dialoug. Also it needs a catchy theme song too.

    • Wow, we saw entirely different things, lol. I didn’t see them as trying to rap most of their dialog – to me it came off as much more Shakespearean. There’s more episodes coming so they might have a theme song at some point, not sure but then that also might be overkill considering the whole thing consists of song lyrics you know? Thanks for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

  2. Hey, I nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. Check out the post at for details.


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