Omg, I finally had time to watch a movie!!!  I know, I know, I am way behind the bandwagon on V/H/S.  You all reviewed it like 8 years ago but I’m really excited I finally got to see it!  Also, and I might have asked this before, but a lot of you guys review the same movies at the same times and not just new ones either – is there a secret club???  Can I join??  I wanna be all cool and in another secret club!  😉

Anyway, my initial thoughts on this were I really dug it but I definitely didn’t dig it all.  I’ll try to keep this mostly spoiler free on the off chance someone else actually hasn’t seen it.  We all know it’s an anthology so it’s 4 or 5 different segments.  Basic premise is a bunch of douchey guys who go around grabbing girls’ boobs and filming it for some sleazy pornorific site decide to do the ultimate bad and break into a house to steal a VHS tape (not sure why THAT is the ultimate bad but the ringleader seems convinced it’ll be the biggest and best thing they’ll ever do…weirdo….).  So off they go and off they break in and lo and behold, there’s a dead dude just hanging out in a chair with a bunch of tv’s playing static.   Kinda creepy, no?  Now, not one of these douchebags has a freaking clue what tape they’re looking for (most poorly planned heist EVER) so they just start going around and watching any tape they can get there hands on.  Ergo, vignettes.

I really, really like you.

I really, really like you.

First  up, we have this chica who really just wants to be loved and is seriously misunderstood.  This was probably my favorite of the bunch.  Scumbags getting there comeuppance?  Totes there!


Love you, babe, really.

Love you, babe, really.

Then we’ve got this gal along with what must be the most boring couple of all time.  Seriously was bored through out this one.  The twist was not twisty enough and there wasn’t enough build up to the twist and it was just blah.


Paranormal Activity 4?

Paranormal Activity 4?

Kay, I might be getting these next few a little out of order. This one was middling.  Loved the use of video chatting for the whole thing but they didn’t tell enough of the story for me to really care.  Dude’s a creep but I’m not entirely sure if this was an alien thing or if he’s just really into the black market.

One learns from V/H/S to never try to save a pretty girl.

One learns from V/H/S to never try to save a pretty girl.

Now this one was awesome.  Short, sweet, simple and straight to the point.  You never know what you’re messing around with kiddies so be very very careful.  Just because a bunch of dudes are trying to cut a girl up in some sort of crazy ritual, doesn’t mean they don’t have a good reason.


Dead Man Floating

Dead Man Floating

Now this one I didn’t love but I did really dig the camera work they had going on.  This one involves a girl who likes to tell people they’re going to die and some sort of entity that can only be seen via video and the entity and the way they shot it totally creeped me out.  Major props for that.

Random thoughts:

  • Pretty well done but definitely hot and cold overall.  A good time all around but it’s no Trick’r’Treat.
  • There’s one scene where the dead dude in the chair is gone and NOBODY seems to notice.  WTF?  I think I’d notice if dead dudes were suddenly prowling the house because that is totes not cool, y’all.
  • There was a lot of cool camera direction here (and of course a lot of the annoying shaky cam) but it definitely was food for thought and gave me some new ways to look at how I want to film things in the future.

If you haven’t seen it already, definitely give it a go.  There’s lots of creepy and a little bit of gore and you’ll be rooting for a whole bunch of people to die!





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  1. A Very VERY Creepy Movie, Fo SHO.
    And It May Be My Favorite “Found-Footage-Flick” Thus Far.
    I Hate Most Of The Others, But I Really Enjoyed This One.
    Great Write-Up, Ms. Misty! 😀

    • Thanks, Bradley! Oh and thanks for the like on Facebook btw! 🙂 This one was fun at times – I would have to agree with it probably being my fave found footage – didn’t give me a headache at any rate. 😉

  2. I love how weird this sounds! 🙂

  3. YES!!! GREAT one Misty!!! YAY!!!

    If I was in a club you would be one of the founding members!!

  4. I gotta finish this one already. I started it twice and I had to cut it short both times. Ugh. Good review and I am pretty prepared for the “Hot and Cold” part of it like you said. Thanks!

  5. It was in my top 10 of 2012. I loved it and had a blast. It probably helped that I saw it at Sundance, before all the hype started around it. I’ve also seen/reviewed S-VHS (the sequel) and though I didn’t dig as much as the first, it’s a blast of creepy fun too. Keep up the good work on your reviews. I enjoy reading them. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Derrick! I really appreciate that! I thought it was a good anthology for sure and I can imagine seeing it at Sundance made it even better. I’m excited to see the sequel. As long as things are good creepy fun, I’m all there. 🙂

  6. Yay! Movie watching is a beautiful thang. I’m curious about this one. Not normally my type of thing but I will give this a look. Cheers Misty.

  7. Misty would never miss a horror movie. I checked imdb profile of the film. 10 directors and 12 screenwriters, oh my God.

  8. I STILL havent seen this……..I do own a club though. Kind of an Elite Hunting Club, like Hostel. Its secret, but your welcome to join, just let me know 😉

  9. Finally!!!!!
    Great review and I’m glad you liked most of it.

  10. Creature with the Atom Brain

    Get review – made me laugh! I loved the ‘I like you’ segment… Creepy, brilliant…. and worryingly, quite hot (What wrong with me :S). I’m not sure when the sequel comes out, I have a feeling its very soon.

    • Thanks, Creature! 🙂 The “I Like You” segment was definitely my fave. And nothing’s wrong with you – that girl had that innocent, waif thing going on – that’s totally hot. 😉 I think it’s soon too, I know a couple of bloggers have already seen and reviewed it in advance. I’m excited to see it. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. I always thought this movie sounded interesting when it came out and I liked the premise, but I know it got a lot of mixed reviews. Some people really hated it and others really loved it. Based on your review I think I will give it a try. I am also not a member of any secret club. I don’t think there are too many people reviewing the same films I do.

    • Definitely a lot of mixed reviews but it really is a mixed bag. Some extreme highs and lows are happening here. If you do give it a try, come back and let us know what you thought. 🙂 Awww, we should start our own secret club then! And true – you do such a wide variety. 🙂

  12. It’s too bad you didn’t dig Ti West’s story of the couple in Arizona. My favorite is the first story about the guys taking the 2 girls home. The last story about the haunted Halloween house could have been my favorite, but the way they got the guys in that house was absolutely stupid. Other than that, it was awesome. The one with the girl at the lake was kind of weird. I didn’t understand what the hell the thing going after them was. Overall, I’m with you, it was good with some low points.

    • Aw, that was West’s? It was SOOOOOO boring. And uninteresting. And just so typical. The first story was def my fave too and the haunted Halloween house I really liked too – agreed on how they got the guys in the house being a little silly but I also liked the silliness of that one – like when he’s patting the girl with his bear hands? *giggles* No idea what that thing was either but dude, it creeped me out the way they shot it. I don’t like stuff all sneaky like that!

      • Yea, that was West’s. I actually liked it, but I agree not a whole lot happens. I thought it was going to be like black eyed children or something, but I was way off.

        The bear hands are awesome.

  13. I kinda liked the modern style of movie overall, no back stories, no explainations, you’re there, something freaky happens, the guy with the camera dies, the end – Not what I’d want from every movie, but for this one it worked.

  14. “One learns from V/H/S to never try to save a pretty girl.”

    Drop the bitch and leave! 😀

  15. movie seems freakin nuts, I need to see it.

  16. Don’t feel bad, I haven’t seen it yet. I got the feeling it was going to be a dud. Now that I read your review (or quit halfway to avoid spoilers) I think I will give it a chance sometime in the next week. If it sucks I am going to sue your blog! 🙂 Check out my blog if you get a chance, and I guess if my bog sucks you can sue, as well. 😉

    • *giggles* It’s not totally dud-worthy, though parts are. And there were NO spoilers in my review!! Okay, maybe one about that dead guy. But there’s a lot of dead guys. ;-p Feel free to sue my blog, I have no money, house or anything else so I’ll willingly give you half of my nothing, lol. And will definitely check your site out. Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

  17. Yet to see this still. I’ll get to it at some point


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