Classic Movies Project: Casino


And for my next Classic Movie we have Casino!  I would have let you guys know I was watching as (I believe) Geek Soul Brother suggested but I didn’t know till about 8PM last night that I was.  I was at my friend, Gory’s, who said, “Movie?” To which I always reply, “Yes.” He picked out Casino and I said, “WAIT!  Let me check my list because I think this is on it!!….YES! It is!”  😉

So if you’re like me and you have yet to see this….I know, I know, doubtful….the long story short is that De Niro works at a casino as the manager or something similar, Pesci is basically a mobster and Stone is a hustler who ends up with De Niro.  To be honest, I didn’t understand the entirety of the heisting, down’n’dirty politics of gambling and mobsterdom but I’m pretty sure De Niro and Pesci were skimming from the casino.  (Feel free to offer up a lengthier explanation if ya got one! :))  Anyway, heisting, killing, murder, mayhem and then finally it all goes bad (never saw that one coming…no really…).

These two's like bruddas, heah?  (That was a really atrocious attempt at writing mobster...)

These two’s like bruddas, heah? (That was a really atrocious attempt at writing mobster…)

My first comment on this?  Why the hell didn’t anyone tell me this was so freaking fabulous????  Oh…wait…you did?  😉  Seriously loved this movie.   I’m pretty sure everything here was complete perfection – the acting (Sharon Stone is fucking amazing in this – such a raw performance – I had no idea she had that in her), the cinematography (from the camera slant when De Niro and Pesci are driving around Vegas to the smoke wafting through the blue light, to the entire red and blue washes in scenes), the costumes (omg, WANT almost all Stone’s outfits!) and of course, THE STORY.  Brilliant, just brilliant.  Oh and the violence?  Impeccable.


This guy's got a killer headache...

This guy’s got a killer headache…

So, what’s the bad?  There was none.  Absolutely none.  Oh, I’m sure on a 3rd or 4th viewing I might start nit-picking but after the first viewing I can only spout adoration.

And the final verdict is – this is a classic I wish I’d watched a helluva lot sooner.  I’m fairly certain this is a movie I’ll be able to watch over and over again.  Filmmaking like this is truly phenomenal and something that should be done more often.  For reals.

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  1. This is a great movie. I haven’t watched it in ages, but have recently put it on my “rewatch” pile. This really makes me look forward to watching it again.

  2. dutifullybroken

    The Feds running out of gas and landing the plane on the golf course…classic.

  3. This is a classic I watch everytime it comes on. Good review.

  4. Great movie Misty. It’s been too long since I visited this one. That shall have to be remedied.

  5. Sharon Stone was good in this — she’ll always be one of my favorites.

  6. Love this movie and Goodfellas, but I’m not so crazy about The Godfather (go figure). Pesci is awesome in this film. His demise is so brutal, its hard to watch and listen to.

    • Goodfellas and Godfather are both on my list I believe so I’ll have to see if I like them as well. And yes. His demise was entirely brutal. I was covering my eyes at that part. *shivers*

  7. Thats why my site has the name it has 🙂 Glad you have finally seen it Layne!

  8. A Dog With Fleas

    Agree with every word of this review!! What a fantastic movie and your review totally did it justice!! P.S. – We can share Sharon Stone’s wardrobe because I want it to! 🙂

  9. Geek Soul Brother

    I can see from your reaction that this made for a great movie night. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it too. But this is a film that leave an indelible impression. And your excitement reminds me of the excitement I felt the first time I watched it. Thanks for the shout out Misty!

  10. It’s been a awhile since I have seen this and the only negative I could think of is that the oldies soundtrack gets played too much. Infact I think there is an oldies song going on during the whole thing and I think they could toned back a bit on that.

    ‘GoodFellas’, which was done by the same director is even better. You may want to check that out some time.

    • Hehe, I was raised on oldies so I didn’t even notice other than “Oh hey, I remember this song!”. 🙂

      Goodfellas is on my classic movies list, I’m pretty sure so maybe I’ll do it next.

  11. I’ve heard a few people say this is better than Goodfellas. Although I still prefer Scorsese’s earlier gangster epic, Casino is still fantastic. Pesci is once again unbelievably good, while Sharon Stone surely delivers her best performances.

    • I’ve heard that too but I haven’t seen Goodfellas yet so I can’t make a judgment just yet. 🙂 And yes, Sharon Stone is unbelievable in this. I honestly didn’t even know she could act…totally blown away!


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