Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader


Yeah…so…this is one of those times when I really start to rethink my masochistic nature….any psychologists out there wanna weigh in on why I put myself through shit like this?  *sighs*

So yeah, this apparently involved Roger Corman (I know, I know…) and for some reason Treat Williams was here (really Treat??) and well…

She calls everybody a "dumb skank"...

She calls everybody a “dumb skank”…


Big girl in a tiny gym...

Big girl in a tiny gym…


Sadistic sorority girls...

Sadistic sorority girls…


Oh yeah...this...

Oh yeah…this…


Oh hi, Treat - how's it hangin'?

Oh hi, Treat – how’s it hangin’?


Soon enough, they'll both be topless...

Soon enough, they’ll both be topless…


So…is it bad that I want to punch everyone involved in this travesty in the face?  Normally I enjoy this sort of thing…but  no…just no…

*I’m slowly working my way through blog reading – I’m filming the next couple of weeks which is keeping me busy.  Also if I owe you a review and haven’t delivered yet, please send me an email and yell at me.  I’m slowly making my way through those too.*







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  1. This should have been a throw back to the 50’s. Looks like they failed.

    • I am of the opinion that the EPICALLY failed. From what I read it was definitely supposed to be a throwback – like an updated Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (which I haven’t seen) – but it was more like they were trying to…well you know how the Scary Movie franchise is on “humor” – yeah, it’s like they were trying to outdo them…

  2. I have a soft spot for Corman flicks. I only saw a few minutes of this. Someday I’ll finish it…..

  3. writingthebody

    Hmm – good question – no good answer I am afraid. I can see why you like it all the same!

  4. Sounds awful – thanks for sparing me the pain.

  5. What the? What is this? When did this come out?? I thought I saw this but this looks nothing like what I remember…. did this have Darryl Hannah in it??

  6. I also had high hopes for this one. The premise looked funny, it had Corman’s name on it and it was written by Mike MacLean who had also done Sharktopus and Piranhaconda. Just didn’t work. 😦

  7. Plus, for what little they showed of her face in the trailer (because boobs), she looks like an ugly Heather Graham or something.

    • “because boobs” – *giggles* And that is pretty much dead on. I kept wondering who she reminded me of and it was Heather Graham – thank you for that, Sir Phobos!

  8. Hello Misty – Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for “Blog of the Year 2012!” Keep up the great work & enjoy the day! 🙂

  9. Ahahahaha!!!! That’s stupidest looking film I have ever seen haha xD

  10. That old lady who is sticking her head through the door and calls everybody a dumb skank is actress Mary Woronov. In her younger years she was pretty hot. She is in a funny film from the 80’s called ‘Eating Raoul’, which I think you may like better. That is about an ultra-conservative couple who can’t stand sex, or anyone who has it They decided to rid the world of all the ‘perverts’, by placing an ad in a newspaper saying they will play out anyone’s sexual fantasy if they come to their apartment. Once there they kill them and then sell their dead bodies to a company who grinds them up and makes them into dog food.

    Also, I am following your blog, but I am not getting any of your new updates sent to my email. I don’t know why because I get updates from the other blogs I follow, so I am not sure why I am not getting yours.

    • Oh!! I recognize that name! And yes, I think I would LOVE Eating Raoul – thanks for the recommendation! That sounds hysterical!

      Hmm….did you hit the follow button at the top or the follow button on the right sidebar? Sometimes that happens to me. You can also go into your reader and go to “blogs I follow” and “edit blog list” (I believe) and change how you get new posts. See if that works. 🙂 And thanks for following, btw!!

    • lol, just added Eating Raoul to my amazon wish list.


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