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The Amy Poehler-esque hostess at Inspired Word NYC

The Amy Poehler-esque hostess at Inspired Word NYC

Last night a friend and I were able to go see Inspired Word NYC’s Open Mic at Bareburger in the East Village and oh my gosh, was it ever amazing and awe inspiring and creatively inspiring and beyond phenomenal to behold.  Seriously, they kinda stole my soul (but in the good way not the bad demonesque soul stealing way).  Fucking brilliant.  If you happen to reside in the NYC area, I highly suggest you go check this out and better yet, go perform at one as I’m planning on returning and doing.  You can check them HERE.

So why am I telling you this and not giving you a movie review?  Mostly because since I went to play in the city last night, there was no movie watching to be had.  So instead, I’m gonna link my latest reviews from Rogue (one of which inspired an Irish filmmaker to send me an incredible email that totally made my day) and then I’ll be back Friday with another review.  Yay!  I’ll also be catching up on reading blogs tomorrow and Friday – I somehow scheduled a month of activities into this week – what the hell was I thinking??  Anyway, if you’re interested feel free to check out the latest stuff Rogue has to offer.  🙂  Oh and if you’ve emailed or tweeted me or anything like that, I basically haven’t been home for two days so I promise I’ll hit ya back soon!


Avery On Stage GRANTED





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  1. Sounds like a great time. Next Wed. authors Brian Keene and Nick Mamatas will be doing readings at the KGB Bar…should be a blast.

    • It was phenomenal! And that sounds super sweet. I don’t know if I can do next Wednesday…dammit New Jersey – why must your trains take forever to get me to my favorite place in the world??


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