Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child


Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child is where the Freddy franchise starts to get a little silly.  Well…that’s not entirely accurate.  It was gradually getting there anyway but this one is all special effects work, less awesome deaths and a point where one says to oneself, “Self – why are we still watching this?  Self – why is that girl not leaving the shower when brown water starts gurgling up from the drain? Self – tell me again when that particular point in Freddy’s legacy came into being, please.”  Dream Child doesn’t suck it big time or anything but it’s another twist in the fun of Freddy.

This happens.

So Alice is back with Dan and all is well.  Well, not really cause the movie starts with her almost drowning in the shower.  Don’t laugh.  That’s totally something that would happen to me too!  Anyway, it’s all a dream of course and what can it mean but that Freddy’s back!! Muahahhahaa!!  Next day is high school graduation and we meet Alice and Dan’s new friends (since the other ones all died).  We’ve got Pretty Girl, Swimmer Girl and Comic Book Guy.  Pretty Girl has a bitchy stagemom, Swimmer Girl is our skeptic and Comic Book Guy is not fond of blood and violence unless it’s in his comics.

The Gang

Alice keeps having bad dreams and keeps trying to convince Dan that Freddy’s back but Dan just brushes it off as lingering post traumatic stress.  Duh, Alice.  You control Freddy.  Try to remember that, silly goose.  Dan is, of course, the first to go.  He tries really hard to fight back but Freddy has him die in a fiery car crash (coincidentally this is how my father seems to be convinced I will die.  Not because I’m a bad driver.  I really don’t know why…).  Poor Alice.  She sees the cars go boom and passes out.  She wakes up at the hospital with Swimmer Girl, her recovered alcoholic father and a doctor who informs her that she’s pregnant.  Oh, snap!

Long story short (because seriously re-watching this today it felt like it was 8 million years long but I’m also really tired so maybe that’s why):

This happens….

And this happens….

And it’s all because Freddy is able to enter the waking world and the sleeping world through Alice’s unborn child’s dreams.  Don’t ask – I have no explanation for that waking world thing I just know Alice kept yelling at people about it.  Oh and Alice and her unborn child hang out a lot in this movie except her unborn child is around 8 when she meets him.  He’s definitely the key to this whole hootenanny.  And Freddy’s mom is back and comes in for a little last 15 minutes help the heroine activity.

Underlying themes in this one?  Eating disorders, women’s rights over their bodies, abortion, lack of parental parenting and possibly comic book violence.  This one is much more middling than the last – it seems they spent the majority of their budget on special effects and while some are cool, considering the year this was made, some are just really really bad.  There’s some cool scenes but the deaths are way less fun and they’re way quicker also.

Hi mommy! What? I haven’t even been born yet? Well, this is awkward…

Random thoughts:

Freddy with no Freddy makeup!  Freddy as man!!

I wonder how much inspiration American Horror Story Asylum drew from Freddy’s backstory?




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  1. I own the box set with all of these movies and this is one I rarely watch. It is just an awful entry in this series. If I’m not mistaken, Freddy doesn’t even use his glove to kill people in this one. The comic book kill has to be one of the worst in the franchise – super Freddy, really. In some weird way I dig the motorcycle kill, but that’s about it.

    Here’s my take: I lumped 5 and 6 together, in case you were wondering.

    • Ha, I own the same box set! 🙂 I don’t hate this one nearly as much as I hate 2 & 6 but rewatching (it’s been awhile) was definitely a bit of a let down. And yeah, he really doesn’t use the glove too very much here.

  2. I think this is the only one I haven’t seen. Got to check it out just for the corny factor.

  3. I often forget just how many of these movies there are. Man, there’s a lot.

  4. I tried to comment on this last night from my iPad app but it doesn’t show up – sorry if you get two stupid comments from me. What I was intending to say was this: “You might remember that I’ve only ever seen the first two and the remake. I ♥ your thoughts on 3 & 4 the most but the content of the movies aren’t really encouraging me to go see the rest of the series…. o_o.”

    • Hmm….yeah…I think you really really have to be a fan to sit through them all…I would at the least watch 3 because it really is epic!

      • You know – I think I saw these at Best Buy the other day – like “NOES 1-3” and “NOES 4-6” (or something for cheap. Because I am so fond of you – the next time I’m there I’ll pick it up and give em a shot.

        In the meantime – you didn’t like the remake? I know I’m not a big fan of the series and thus not a “purist” – but I thought it was not too bad…? I mean – it had Clancy Brown in it if nothing else… Clancy Brown, Misty. Clancy!

      • Awww, yay!! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts! And yeah, I’ve seen it twice just to make sure I didn’t like it and yeah…Clancy Brown is good because he is Clancy Brown but just…no. No, no, no.

  5. The comic book scene in this is probably the dumbest kill scene in the whole series.

  6. That’s some pretty sweet CGI right there!

  7. I…don’t like Freddy Krueger at all. I find him unappealing (his humor kills my mood every time). I did watch all of the NOES movies and the one I actually liked is number 7 – New Nightmare. Sure, the first one is technically inventive and such but, as I said, Freddy is just a big no-no for me. I see you said that you hate the 2nd and 6th ones. While I completely agree on the 6th one (I watched it in short doses – 10 minutes each day, that’s the only way I was able to go through it), what are your issues with the 2nd one? Is it the homosexual undertones (I found them hilarious)? Is it how Freddy is rather out of character? I didn’t like it either but I didn’t think it’s worse than the 4th or 5th ones…

    • Freddy’s definitely not for everyone. 🙂 He matches my sense of humour though (yikes, hope that doesn’t say bad things about me! ;)) so I’ve grown to love him. 7 is a great one, highly enjoyable. I have no issues with the homosexual undertones it was more how Freddy is out of character and the overall cheese factor. The first one was SCARY and this one wasn’t. It was like a complete 180, you know?

      • Glad I got right the whole “out of character” thing 🙂 I agree Freddy is not for everyone, I like my killers silent and menacing – like Michael Myers (just p*ssed my pants there, woo!). But you really do find the 2nd one to be worse than the 6th one? I mean…the video game murder is…what the friggin’ hell?!?!?!

      • I really did but just barely. They’re almost equal in my book but that whole bodily possession thing just forces 2 right over that line. *giggles* at your video game murder comment!

  8. Oh, I remember this one. If it weren’t for the sudden inclusion of the mother (who we dubbed Sister Mary Helena Handbasket) I would have been bored to tears. I was also very confused by the first dream lapse. I know they explained it later, but I just thought that Alice had passed out on her way to work and lay there for like 8 or so hours.


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