Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors is easily my 2nd favorite of the Nightmare series (and quite honestly comes very close to beating out the original even).  Why is that?

1.  Nancy is back, beyotches!!!  Nancy and Freddy are like freaking Romeo & Juliet, star crossed lovers…or something…and not only is she back but she’s older and wiser.

2.  The entire cast is amazing.  Patricia Arquette in her first role.  Laurence Fishburne as an orderly.  Zsa Zsa Gabor!  Seriously, there is no bad in any way here acting wise.

3.  In ways it’s scarier.  It’s bad enough to know that if you fall asleep you die but add to that the social stigma of being labeled “crazy”, being in a place that will consistently sedate you so you have to sleep and the ever present threat of the padded room…it heightens everything you can fear.  I mean, hell, American Horror Story is doing an asylum story this go around – there’s  a reason people fear them.

4.  Freddy’s kills here are some of the most epic of the series.  Just take a look:

Puppet Master

So you wanna be on t.v., eh?

5.  Apparently Freddy can’t do any of that voodoo bodily possession of the 2nd movie but instead we have another twist – Kristen has an ability to pull people into her dreams.  This change I didn’t mind as much because it still dealt with the concept of dreaming and though rare people do sometimes “share” dreams.

6.  Nancy tells the kids that in their dreams they can be anybody and do anything they want.  Does it save them all?  Hell, no.  But it results in some hilarious dream sequences that are super fun.

7.  This happens:

This moment has ALWAYS freaked me out on so many levels.

8.  In interviews with cast and crew in the DVD extras, it is revealed that the original idea for the film centered around the phenomenon of children traveling to a specific location to commit suicide, with dreams of Freddy Krueger eventually discovered to be a common link between the youths. Suicide, at the time, was a taboo social issue and this led to the abandonment of that storyline, though some aspects remained within the filmed version which still depicts suicide and self-mutilation, though they were deemed less controversial because these acts are committed with Freddy’s distinct influence, inserting enough fantasy into the acts to remove it from the supposed controversial exploitation of disturbed youths in America. ~Wikipedia 

This is another reason I like this film.  Even though they took a lot out, they addressed issues that are not only important but are near and dear to my heart.  Sometimes exploring issues like suicide, self-mutilation, bullying, etc. in a fantasy setting can be the only way some people can get help or help themselves.  There’s a reason people love horror so much – we can confront our fears without actually confronting them and can go through a reasoning process that can help create better coping mechanisms (just my thoughts anyway).

9.  This came about because of the movie:

10.  And finally we learn a lot more about Freddy’s past and wow is it intense and disturbing.





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  1. Big fan or this one myself and yes I am glad to see that Dokken video. Awesome song – great review and I can see why you love it so much. Here’s my review of it, in case you haven’t seen it:

  2. Reblogged this on The Mind of Madness and commented:
    Great video!!!

  3. Great effin’ film in the series! Great review! Life’s great! 🙂

  4. This was always my favorite of the series as a kid. Too many great one-liners!

  5. great movie and Nancy back rocked… such a great couple those two (freddy and Nancy). And John Saxon played a washed out drunk cop as a coward so good… Love the Dokken video, actually purchased their LP due to this one… 🙂

  6. Victor De Leon

    Now we’re talking! Great post. This one is the best of the sequels. Everyone is so awesome in it. I loved Fishburne. And the Ghost Nun Lady was super creepy. It’s scarier and very brave and real in it’s depiction of teens with mental health issues. Kudos for pointing that out. Good job. Gabor’s cameo was hilarious.

  7. I’m always rockin’ with Dokken! Great stuff Cinema Schminema! : )

  8. This is definitely my favorite Elm Street, even over the original, probably because it’s more fun. But the vein marionette thing still freaks me out.

  9. Never seen an Elm Street movie. Well, I did see the new one but it was just on TV, I wasnt interested if that makes sense. Never saw the appeal to the franchise but feel one day I will go and watch them all just to say Ive seen them.

    • I don’t blame you for not being interested, the remake is not happy-making. Oh, Tyty…at least watch the original, the real one, k? And if you do decide to watch them all – skip #2. And #6. But watch #3. Watch at least the original and the third. 😉

  10. Agreed, three was good. The ‘Come and get him bitch’ on the poor guys chest is one of the best moments in horror EVER.

  11. The Puppet Master and Television scene are my favorite kills in the movie. So damn awesome. Sweet write up 😀

    • Thanks! And yeah, those two scenes were kickawesome!

      • I do love watching horror movie montage kills, it saves me the bad acting and horrible dialogue to get to the sweet stuff. The Freddy kills are so kickawesome.

      • Is there an entire movie that is just horror movie montage kills? Because that would be pretty epic…And yes Freddy is my hero and helps me sleep at night when my insomnia kicks in. Oh, the irony…

      • There was supposed to be a greatest kills montage that the Alamo Drafthouse was going to show before the renovation. It was like 90 mins of the best kills in horror movies!

      • I love Alamo Drafthouse and I’ve never even been there. Seriously, you should do their marketing.

      • Well that is the plan hopefully. Once the grand opening is up and running, they plan on trying to put together a marketing team next year to do event planning and make this branch have their own little local flavor.

  12. Great review. And how about the awesome John Saxon vs. Freddy skeleton fight?!

  13. That picture from point 7 always reminds me of Quint’s death in Jaws. That was the freakiest moment in that whole film for me. I love vein-puppet too

  14. I always considered this one the best of the series. I saw it when it came out in 1987, but I should definitely see it again. I remember there was a huge line of teenagers waiting to get into the theatre on opening night. I remember Zsa Zsz Gabor in this. If my recollection is correct she is being interviewed by Dick Cavett and then she turns into Freddy and kills him.

    • Memory does serve correct. 🙂 And yes, definitely one of the best – 2nd best in my book but it *almost* beats out the original. It’s just brilliant and well-played.

  15. Have not heard this song in a while – thanks!


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