Crybaby Bridge

Crybaby Bridge

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  1. Depends on the version you hear: The story goes that an old hillbilly woman with many children did not notice that her youngest child was missing until nightfall, when she heard the child’s screams from somewhere in the woods. The child had been dragged off by wild dogs, and the mother arrived minutes too late to save it. When she found the body, she picked it up and ran screaming off the edge of the bridge. The story is if you go to the bridge at night, park your car in the middle, and leave an unwrapped candy bar sitting on your bumper, gradually you will hear the child begin to cry. After driving away, the candy bar will have a bitemark in it. OR The story is that a lady wrecked her car of the bridge, but never found her baby after the accident. Late at night you can hear the baby cry. I’m not sure about the crying business but if you leave a Baby Ruth candy bar on the bridge it will disappear.


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