Things That Go Bump in the Night

A few creepy images to get you in the Halloween spirit! (All photo rights belong to me so please don’t go heisting!):


And I’ll be back later with some Dream Warriors…

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I'm a Z movie loving, horror hound, Buffy quoting, Dr. Who watching, geekazoid and seeker of all things unusual. I'm a gypsy wanderer, lover of words, Wendy of the damned and all that jazz. What can I say? I'm complicated.

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    • Thanks! Photography is another hobby of mine. These aren’t necessarily my best work but they’re in the spirit! šŸ™‚

  1. Clearly the vampire is the scariest of these pictures. Just look at her. She almost looks familiar…

    • Lol, my friend’s kid. We were bored one night so I turned off all the lights and got flashlights and we had a photoshoot. She’s totally into creepy and horror stuff (thanks to me ;)).

  2. Victor De Leon

    awesome photos. thanks for sharing those. you have a good eye. the bridge pic is very creepy. that one is my favorite. that is one bridge I’m not about to cross…

    • Thanks for the compliment! šŸ™‚ And yes, that bridge was totally creepy. I did go on it with my friend but then there was this car just hanging around and well…yeah, we left soon after.

      • Victor De Leon

        It sort of reminds me of that creepy bridge where Douglas Fairbanks gets pushed over by the Ghost Lady (Alice Krige) from “Ghost Story”…Hmm I feel a top 5 list coming on…

      • Hmm…I like the sound of this list…I also haven’t seen this movie…

      • Victor De Leon

        Ghost Story is awesome! I’ll review it for “HorrorFest” It’s based on a Peter Straub novel that is just as, if not better, than the movie. It has a very early performance by Alice Krige (Star Trek First Contact and Sleepwalkers). I’ll work on that list too!

  3. Inspiring! We love Halloween (I have 4 boys). I usually paint their faces for halloween – the more ghoulish the better. What do you do? I’m sure it’s pretty “special”.

    • Ooohhh, that sounds awesome!! I usually go to a cemetery at midnight and take pictures. People I know here aren’t quite into Halloween as me, lol. I used to go to a friend’s house in Bama though – we’d throw the door wide open, drink wine and basically it amounted to a block party. It was so much fun. Now it’s more low-key and an actual celebration of the real holiday. šŸ™‚

      • My oldest son’s birthday is on the 30th so we often have a halloween party. One year I sent a letter to all the people in our court with a black or orange balloon enclosed. The letter said that it was Liam’s birthday and if they were happy for us to knock on the door, please hang out a balloon (and also there would be adult supervision and polite children). The result was amazing as some really went to a lot of effort. Even the older people were happy to open their doors as they were expecting us. Everyone was well prepared and the loot was overwhelming.

  4. You just had to have the weeping angel baby, didn’t you? That’ll haunt my dreams for a week.:P

    Nice pictures. Very creepy. But in a good way, not in the windowless white van way.

    • *giggles* Just don’t blink and everything will be FINE. Seriously. šŸ˜‰

      And thank you. I’m glad they’re not creepy in the windowless white van way. Incidentally, when I lived in Atlanta that windowless white van was the ice cream truck that came around my neighborhood. So much more terrifying when it’s driving around with “It’s a Small World” blaring…

      • I haven’t blinked for 5 hours, it’ll never get me!

        That sounds really creepy, I don’t think I would ever take ice cream from that van. Unless it was a REALLY hot day. šŸ˜›

      • Ha! 5 hours, lol.

        And trust me, you would NOT take it even then. Not unless you want evil clowns to get you and drag you to hell. NO WAY.

      • I couldn’t last any longer than 5 hours, so I hired someone to watch it for me. Oddly enough, he was gone when I checked on him last. Oh well.

        No thanks, I’m not a fan of clowns of any kind.

      • Oh, that is unfortunate….but surely he’s fine and just….elsewhere…doing something fun…yeah…

        And good, I would be suspicious of anyone who was a fan of clowns. Clowns are EVIL.

      • Let’s hope he is somewhere nice, I only paid him three bucks. Hope he can really stretch that out for a while.

        I have a friend who wants to be a clown, we don’t talk that much anymore.

      • I’ll tell you a secret – I was once a clown. It was a whole confronting my fears and overcoming them thing. It didn’t work out.

      • šŸ˜® Oh snap. Were you afraid of yourself afterward?

      • Hahaha, someone else who still uses the phrase “oh snap”! And yes, I was terrified of me. I actually had to hide from myself for a few months. It was an interesting time in the Misty timeline.

      • Like disco, “oh snap” will never die. šŸ˜›

        I understand completely. Not enough water or tears would be enough for me to clear the clown makeup from my face.

  5. Wonderful pics! And I do watch Dr. Who… and that does make the stone angel even creepier!!

  6. That picture in the cemetery – is that you leaning on an ancestor’s grave?? P.S. – are you caught up on Doctor Who????????

    • Yes, that is me. No, not an ancestor’s grave. I am a GHOST! And no, because I don’t have television and they don’t show them online and I don’t want to pay $2 each to watch them on Amazon so I have to find like 6 hours where I can go to my friend’s house and catch up. I totally know what happened in the finale though. I will be prepared with 800 boxes of Kleenex for that one….

      • OK GOOD – that episode was wicked and it had the Angels – but you already know that… YES…. bring your tissues…. that was totally a trip to Cry Baby City….. TWICE!!!

  7. My fave is the Bridge, too! It seems to be hiding a story that starts once you cross it. BTW, why is it called Crybaby Bridge?

    • Depends on the version you hear: The story goes that an old hillbilly woman with many children did not notice that her youngest child was missing until nightfall, when she heard the child’s screams from somewhere in the woods. The child had been dragged off by wild dogs, and the mother arrived minutes too late to save it. When she found the body, she picked it up and ran screaming off the edge of the bridge. The story is if you go to the bridge at night, park your car in the middle, and leave an unwrapped candy bar sitting on your bumper, gradually you will hear the child begin to cry. After driving away, the candy bar will have a bitemark in it. OR The story is that a lady wrecked her car of the bridge, but never found her baby after the accident. Late at night you can hear the baby cry. Iā€™m not sure about the crying business but if you leave a Baby Ruth candy bar on the bridge it will disappear.

  8. Nice photos. If you’re into photography and Halloween I can highly recommend Ossian Brown’s book ‘Haunted Air’. It’s an amazing collection of anonymous, found photos of children in Halloween outfits from the late 19th/early 20th century.

  9. You go to such cool places. šŸ™‚

      • So do you normally hang out at a cemetery šŸ˜›

      • I do enjoy them, yes. They’re peaceful and they’re great for photo taking. I’m an odd bird though. šŸ˜‰

      • I can dig it. I usually hang out/loiter at comic book shops.

      • I used to go to comic book shops. But then I kept leaving with hundreds of dollars worth of comics and I had to stop. It was a bad addiction I couldn’t afford, lol.

      • I feel ya, I have been good so far, but my latest vice is buying up specialty movie posters, which I will showcase on here at some point. I did recently pickup the last books of 100 Bullets, which is awesome.

      • I haven’t read that one. It’s actually been wayyy too long between comics. I think I’m caught up on Fables and Y: The Last Man. Picked up the first three of Ex Machina today at the library.

      • Nice! I recently bought the whole Y: The Last Man collection, 6 books total and I read through them all in like 2 days. I have been buying up some Batman graphic novels that I have been missing, but my new found poster collecting is chewing up comic book money.

      • Y is AWESOME. I’m not a superhero fan though so I’ve read very few of those. I used to collect posters but haven’t in so long. Too much living with roommates and nowhere to hang them.

      • I agree, Y had me from the moment go and I couldn’t stop reading. I ordered the Scott Pilgrim books a week back, so I am hoping I will get them this coming week.

      • Ugh, no, I hated the Scott Pilgrim books. I am sad for you now. Although maybe you’ll love them. I enjoyed the movie. It wasn’t fabulous but it was fun. Have you read Sandman?

      • I am a geek at heart and the Scott Pilgrim books are something I love. I do have some bad memories tied to the movie, namely the women I was seeing broke up with me right after the movie was over. I didn’t even get the 10 bucks I spent on her reimbursed.

        I do love Sandman. I have been trying to find a lot of time to spend on catching up with the Neil Gaiman series.

      • šŸ˜¦ That is sad-making. Sorry that happened. If it makes you feel better, I only got to read Sandman because of my ex and I don’t think he loaned me the entire series so I think I have at least one more to read. Neil Gaiman is AWESOME. I actually really like his YA stuff (Coraline, Graveyard Book).

      • Yeah *sniffle*. I toughed it out. Still get a bit sore when I watch that movie, but damn it is so good.

        I have been slowly piecing together the Sandman books so I can finally have them and also read them in a long sit down. i did like Coraline, but haven’t read some of his more recent items.

      • I haven’t read any of his adult novels actually – they’re all on my insanely long list.

      • Is that list longer than your movie list šŸ˜›

      • They’re about even. ;-p

      • Not enough time in the world for ya

      • I know. It is entirely sad-making.

      • There isn’t enough for me with all my stuff i want to read and watch as well. I do need to make time for my November bad movie watching.

      • YES! I am looking forward to that!

      • I am looking forward to and dreading that feat of bad movie watching.


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