Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

Continuing on with our look at the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, we come to A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 – Freddy’s Revenge, my least favorite movie in this series.  Why is it my least favorite?  Well, 1) it’s pretty god awful and 2) they take everything that was wonderful about the original and toss it out the window.  If it’s ain’t broke, don’t fix it but instead we get a new take on Freddy, a reinvention and it does not play out well at all.

Five years have passed since the events of the original movie.  Jesse and his family have moved into Nancy’s old house and of course strange things start to happen.  Jesse is prone to nightmares but not the kind in the original.  There’s a lot going on in the movie involving boiling temps in the house at all times with things catching on fire or melting.  But the biggest problem here is that Freddy isn’t killing people in their dreams.  No, this time around he’s decided to go for full blown bodily possession in the form of Jesse.  Like literally.  There’s a scene where Jesse rips off his skin and Freddy is standing in his place.

It’s, like, totes cool if I just borrow your body for a bit, yeah?

At first Jesse doesn’t know what’s happening but then there are times where people die or almost die and he comes to and realizes that he’s killing people for/as Freddy.  So basically, we’ve got some heavy dissociative identity disorder going on here. Which ISN’T what Freddy is about!  Grrr….Freddy kills you in your dreams, that’s why he’s terrifying.  If he’s just running around possessing people, it’s not scary, that’s like your everyday stuff.  I get that at this point they’re still creating the lore of Freddy but seriously.  Just seriously.

Anyone else think she kinda looks like Meryl Streep?

So yeah, people die and there’s some stupid stuff like a crazy bird attack (because Freddy possessed the bird?) and mostly what people know this movie for is it’s strong homo-erotic undertones.  While they were making the movie, they didn’t realize those were there but in hindsight they laugh and laugh about it (it gets delved into in the documentary).  Some highlights include Jesse’s dance scene in his room with pelvic thrustiness, the coach at his school dressed up in leather BDSM attire (why?  No reason) and Jesse running away after he kisses the girl to his best friend’s house for comfort and reassurance.  In fact, some people look at this movie as a metaphor for coming out and being comfortable in your own skin (Jesse isn’t comfortable with his latent homosexual tendencies and as such starts acting out, i.e. Freddy coming out of his skin).  It’s an interesting take on an otherwise forgettable movie.

Random thoughts while watching:

  • Love the opening with the bus.
  • Why does that girl look kind of like Meryl Streep?  Is it???
  • hahahahaahaaaa at the dancing around the room scene with the closeups of his pelvic thrustiness!
  • A game called probe?
  • Yay, Nancy’s diary!
  • Can we not just THROW OUT FREDDY’S freaking glove and get it out of that boiler room already??
  • What’s up with all the heat in the house?  Freddy announcing his presence?
  • BIRD ATTACK!!  Did Freddy possess the bird?
  • woot gay club
  • why is the coach wearing black leather gay club s&M
  • what do you expect when you move into Nancy and Freddy’s house?

Do yourself a favor and check out the epic dance scene below!

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  1. I have a couple of thoughts for you on this, my friend. Uno – I have only ever seen two of these NOES movies (and the remake) and I liked this one O_o. Dos – YES!!! you used the word thrustiness!!! Brilliant!!

    • You liked this one?? I think you may be the first person I have ever heard say that, lol. And I used the word “thrustiness” JUST for you, friend!

      • Well – let’s keep this in perspective – I saw this in the theater and all I can remember is really liking the big bus scene at the beginning but then I never saw any of the others. I’ll bet I probably wouldn’t feel the same if I saw it again or looked at the entire catalogue. Kids back then!! “Thrustiness” rules!!! I really did take the day off today and laid in bed with the dogs and watched two movies on NetFlix. HARDWARE and CAT RUN. Why do I tell you this? Because if you’ve ever wanted to see Shooter McGavin (Happy Gilmore) engage in some thrustiness – there’s your chance. Oops – in CAT RUN.

      • The big bus scene is pretty awesome. You should watch 3 “Dream Warriors” – now that is some good shit and it has like EVERYBODY in it. Hahahaha, I’m going to see if those are on Netflix now.

      • Hey on CAT RUN – not a horror – kind of an action comedy like RED (I just liked the name of it so I turned it on). It starts off kind of “I don’t know if I made a mistake with this” but gets a lot better as it goes on.

      • I LOVED Red. 🙂 AND they are both streaming on Netflix, so yay!

      • RED was all kinds of AWESOME!!

  2. I really don’t remember a thing about this Misty. Maybe that’s a good thing though.

  3. The bus scene always freaked me out as a kid. Great scene. Too bad about the rest of the movie.

    “you’ve got the body, I’ve got the brainsssssss”. LMAO.

  4. Victor De Leon

    Nice write up. I so dislike this entry despite the cool Bus scene. Good call on the whole dissociative disorder thing. And yes, I always thought that the lead actress looked a lot like Streep. Dream Warriors, thankfully, brings the franchise outta the dregs after this dreadful movie.

  5. I’m glad his friend calls him out on the whole, “wtf are you doing in my bed, your gf wants to bone you” thing. Though maybe that is the source of his downfall!

  6. This and Top Gun are the gayest films of all time. And yes, it is really bad, but in an absolutely hilarious way.

    • I know I watched Top Gun but it’s one of those childhood things I blocked out so I don’t remember it but wasn’t it all about Tom Cruise and like Val Kilmer’s secret relationship?

  7. Been seeing your name a lot lately, thought I would check your blog out and now I am following you. You’re right; she does look like Meryl Streep.

    • I comment on things WAY too often, lol. And thank you for taking the time to come by and check me out and follow! I just followed your blog and will be doing a bit of reading there this weekend (I’m headed to a wedding soon, must go make myself all prettified and girly first, blargh) ;). And thank you! I’m glad someone else thinks so. 🙂

  8. I have always found this to be a guilty pleasure for me in this series. It doesn’t fit anywhere in the series, I get that. The homosexual undertones get annoying, don’t care much for the bird scene, but at least Freddy is still mean and dark. I did a review of all of these movies recently – here’s my take on this one.

    Nice review. What is your favorite sequel by the way?

    • Awesome – I’ll check yours out when I get back from the wedding tonight. 🙂 And yes Freddy is still mean and dark here but totally lost his essence!

      Dream Warriors. That shiz is the BOMB!

      • I think New Nightmare is my favorite sequel. After parts 5 and 6 Freddy got back to being scary again.

  9. I haven’t seen this in 20 years, but you have to give them credit for trying to do something different. Of course, it failed miserably, and definitely shouldn’t have been done as the sequel to the first. And if you want to make a movie drawing parallels between coming out of the closet to your community and a monster coming out of your body, you probably don’t have to use Freddy Kreuger. It actually may have been more well regarded if they didn’t.

    • All excellent thoughts, Brian. The funny thing was they weren’t actually trying to make those parallels that’s just how it came off. They literally had no idea how much it looked like that till after the fact. If you watch the documentary Never Sleep Again, they go through the films pretty much one by one and that’s brought up.

  10. One of the actors is coming to our KC Drive-In Horror movie marathon this weekend!

    • SWEET!!! Which one?? Take pictures!! Interview him!

      • Mark Patton is the guy who will be at the drive-in, but I don’t know if i am going out there this evening. Terrible storms are putting a damper on the mood so I might go see the Alamo Drafthouse put on Jurassic Park in 35mm!!!!!!

      • Ahhhhh, that sucks!! Also I kinda want to live wherever you live because it seems full of fun movie things to do!

      • The housing market is OK here in KC. But yeah it is starting to become this little island paradise in the midwest for film lovers. The Drive-In is starting to do more events, The new Alamo Drafthouse is just killing it here with the events and I am hoping to join their creative team at some point. But for now I will just enjoy slinging drinks for them as their bartender.

      • That’s wicked cool. There’s only a couple of indie theatres around here and one does some cool stuff sometimes but not enough people know about it. But then I’m only a train ride away from NYC (or 30 minutes by car if I really feel like driving in the city and paying $60 for parking). It’s an interesting thing living in suburbia. The Alamo Drafthouse does sound pretty amazing. And cool for bartending! Work your way up. 🙂

      • I know that they are opening a Alamo Drafthouse in New York and I would highly recommend going to their events. Totally worth it for film fans. I am excited to start working there and in that film loving environment. If you show up, drinks are on me!

      • Really?? That’s awesome!! Will definitely have to look into that and drag people along for the ride! And yay! Drinkage!! 😉

      • Lol yeah their event nights, which happen very often, are worth the price of the tickets and fun. They are re-opening ours on Nov. 15th where they will show Twilight for the ladies and From Dusk Till Dawn for the guys with Chango beer!

      • I don’t know what Chango beer is but I do know I would be with the guys watching From Dusk Till Dawn, lol.

      • Chango is the beer that Robert Rodriguez created and brews. And you just keep getting more awesome. Vampire Strippers!!!!

      • Cool! VAMPIRE STRIPPERS! Who do you think would win in a fight? Vampire strippers or zombie strippers?? And I am such a tomboy, lol.

      • My money is on Vampire Strippers. They got the strength and general quickness in terms of maneuverability. But on the other hand there is the numbers game of zombies along with the unrelenting way they come at you, non-stop boob terror. Still, Vampire Strippers cause they are probably sexier as well.

  11. I can see why most people don’t like the film, but there are so many scenes that I love. I love the dancing scene and exploding bird because they are both hilarious, though the exploding bird was not intended to be funny and it takes a pretty dark and absurd sense of humor to enjoy it. The bus scenes that bookend the film are obviously the best. And I love that they threw a gay/fetish club and coach in leather bondage gear into the film for no apparent reason; I think it’s the only gay club I’ve seen in a mainstream or horror film.

  12. The homoeroticism reached a feverish apex with the lingering, full on closeups of the coach’s bootycheeks being whipped by those poltergeist towels.

  13. Lol, you’re welcome, that shower BDSM/murder set piece should go down as one of the most bizarre death scenes in Horror film history. Everyone criticizes Freddy’s Revenge for the gay themes woven into the material. But if the coach had been a woman being stripped naked and spanked I doubt there would be as many complaints. On a final note is it just me or does that coach’s a$$ look like a chick’s during those closeup shots, not to sound weird lol.

  14. Leslie Gorilla

    Just the other night my friend Pam was watching Part 2 with me, and when the gym teacher was being spanked by the towels she remarked “Nice ass”.

  15. You’ve got a strong point there, was Freddy doing the spanking or was it some hidden gay fantasy of Jesse’s, after all he practically allowed the coach to take him back to the gymto run laps??! And seriously, what would an attractive girl like Lisa see in such a geek like jesse?

    • Again, latent gay undertones – struggling with sexuality and being someone you’re not. But on the surface, it was a Freddy kill. Lol, I like geeks. Geeky is awesome. 🙂

  16. A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 has grown on me over the years, it’s easy to see why Horror fans circa the 80’s were puzzled at part 2’s subtle “differences”. The substitution of a male in the usually female scream queen role,the ambiguous stance on Jesse’s sexuality, the fact only male nudity is featured instead of the typical female variety. This also may be the darkest entry of the Elm Street lot, what with the creepy, shadowy look the movie is lensed with, Freddy for me was at his most vile here, he wasn’t the wise cracking comedian the later sequels morphed him into. It also seems Krueger himself has some implied homosexual tendencies this time out, check out his encounter with Jesse at the stairs where he caresses the teenager’s forehead with his blades, it’s a subtle “Come up and see me sometime” flirtation.

  17. Yes, one aspect of the film I interpret is Jesse was in fact gay, or bisexual at the very least. Once I was armed with the knowledge of Elm Street 2’s gay subtext Jesse’s character became more “Crystal clear”, Freddy was a metaphor for his closeted sexuality, he seems to have more interest in the jock Grady than Lisa. The shady character of the S&M coach also seemed to peak his gayness, why else would he wander in the middle of the night to the leather gay bar his teacher is know to hang out at, Krueger possessed Jesse to not only spread the fear of himself to the Springwood teens, but also to “activate” and explore the teen’s homosexuality.

  18. Seriously when Lisa finally conquered Freddy by “Kissing” him (an act that frees her love interest Jesse’s possession) i expected the classic song “My Boyfriend’s Back” to commence playing.

  19. A nightmare On Elm Street 2, aside from the dark atmosphere carried over from the first film, is all about effeminate lady boys possessed by burnt boogeymen and male asses slapped red by ghostly towels.

  20. Here’s a gif I created that sums up the second Elm Street film

  21. Notice how the nude gym guy clenched his booty tight in pain lol

  22. Poncho5689ygmail

    What do you think of those bizarre closeups of the butt being spanked red by those towels?

  23. Was Jesse checking put the teacher’s butt during all that slapping?

  24. Lol,I loved how that dude’s booty was all red & blistery


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