LAMB #1395 – Cinema Schminema

I applied for LAMB eons ago but they apparently forgot to send me the link saying I was accepted or what have you but I did get it today so I’m officially joining the ranks of a lot of you guys – YAY!

Since most answers I gave to the questions way back in June are no longer relevant (how often do I post?  Do I even HAVE a schedule these days?? Lol) I won’t post them as did Tyty.  But I’m very excited to be a part of this and I will heist a question from Tyty’s posting:

If you’ve been a LAMB for awhile, what’s the best way to get truly involved?  I’ve spent time on their site and cannot figure out how anything works really, lol.  I am so not techie and I’ve never in my life participated in forums (they scare me with all the yelling that goes on there) so any tips or advice is more than welcome!

Oh, and more posts are coming later today.  I’ve been working on a few things.  🙂

About mistylayne

I'm a Z movie loving, horror hound, Buffy quoting, Dr. Who watching, geekazoid and seeker of all things unusual. I'm a gypsy wanderer, lover of words, Wendy of the damned and all that jazz. What can I say? I'm complicated.

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  1. Yay! Welcome aboard Misty. Joel Burman at The Lamb has a “plug” post he’ll send out for you if your trying to promote any new features or anything and sending a post by twitter to the Lamb will normally get retweeted. That’s about the only two I’ve utilised so far but there be more.

  2. Send articles in to their blogathons or Classic Chops, and if they’re still doing it, submit your blog for Brutally Blunt Blustering, where people anonymously but politely critique your site.

  3. Congrats! It’s a pretty sweet community.

  4. Victor De Leon

    Congrats! Good for you! 😀 I’ve applied myself a while back but I haven’t heard anything yet. It pays to be patient I guess.

    • I actually had to email the guy again. I think he had done it in September but just forgot to mail me the link. 🙂

  5. Congrats! I have got 5 hits from the Lamb so far. Not sure if that’s good for a month, but you’ll probably be more popular 😀
    I am LAMB #1368

    • I am Miss Popularity. ;-p I will check you out there and I have to explore the site and figure out how to best utilize it. 🙂

  6. sanclementejedi

    Congrats and welcome aboard the Lamb! I would say head on over to the forums and poke around a bit. Lots of good blogging advice to be found. You also might want to add your site to the list of bloggers with facebook/twitter accounts on there so people can find you.

    O yeah don’t forget to submit you newer film reviews to the Lambscores you can find the heading for it on the forums.

    • Hi! Thanks so much for all the advice! It is greatly appreciated! 🙂 I’m going to spend some time this week looking around the site and doing some general social media/marketing. You gave me excellent places to start. 🙂

  7. God damn Tyty… and your nicknames Layne! 🙂 Im still waiting to poke around the forums, keep meaning to and will do very soon. Nice to pick up some pointers from your post though, since all I did was post my answers 😉

    • Hey, you call me “Misty Pain” so it’s all good! ;-p And haha, that’s why we get along so well – I heist from you, you heist from me… 😉

  8. Welcome onboard and sorry for the long awaited announcement of your entry!
    Its awesome to have you onboard.
    Most people have already given the most important advice but I can’t advocate enough to join and be active on our forum. I don’t know where you have gotten the idea that there is yelling on our forums. 🙂

    • Thank you!! And no worries, lol. I just thought I’d done something wrong filling out the application. Thanks for having me onboard! 🙂 And no, not yelling on your forums but every other forum I’ve been too, there’s just people yelling and being awful. 😉


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