It’s that time of year again, y’all.  OCTOBER!!!  Pumpkins and fall and leaves and corn mazes but most important of all HORROR MOVIES!!!  YAY!!!  I think I’m going to be a follower and do a horror themed October month’o’movies (even though it’s almost always horror movies round these here parts).  Unlike the norm though, not all will be under the radar – I plan on delving into some classics like “Nightmare on Elm Street” (what?  It’s a classic!).  I’m super excited for this and super excited to see what you guys have planned!  YAY HORROR MONTH!!!  wOOt!

About mistylayne

I'm a Z movie loving, horror hound, Buffy quoting, Dr. Who watching, geekazoid and seeker of all things unusual. I'm a gypsy wanderer, lover of words, Wendy of the damned and all that jazz. What can I say? I'm complicated.

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  1. Victor De Leon


  2. Sounds good! I’m doing the same, as I’m sure lots of others are. Time to embrace the horror!

  3. I see you two are holding hands… was that your date for the Hay Ride? did you steal a smooch in the pumpkin patch?

  4. I love October. It’s basically just Halloween month and that means more horror everything. Looking forward to your reviews.

    • October and Halloween month are the BEST. I love all the stuff they have on AMC (if they still have it) – they do the 100 scariest movie moments and stuff like that. I’m such a sucker for those! 🙂

  5. Which one is you on that picture Misty? 😉

  6. I’m with you 100%. I LOVE this time of year – its the best by far!

  7. Watch out he’s in front of you! Wait what? haha 😀

  8. I too am doing a whole month devoted to horror movie, which means I have a lot to watch and report. Do I smell a cross blogging collaboration or is that the pumpkin infused beer I am drinking.


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